Prof. Bradley C. Freeman Shares at the DLSU DISSCON 2023

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School of Arts

Sunway University's Professor Bradley C. Freeman was honoured to present at the DLSU International Social Sciences Conference 2023. The De La Salle University from the Philippines organised the DLSU DISSCON 2023 in collaboration with the CLA Social Sciences Cluster. 

The conference focused on the theme of Sustainable Development Goals and the Social Sciences: Strengthening the Key A.R.E.A.S. of Integration. Throughout the conference, the pivotal role of social sciences in achieving Sustainable Development Goals was emphasised. During the conference, Prof. Bradley presented his own experience on “The Greening of Arts Education" journey at Sunway University's School of Arts. He is grateful for this opportunity that enabled him to connect with global thinkers and innovators. He also extended his thanks to his co-authors, Professor Matthew Sansom and Lyon Laxman