SMS: 20 Students Complete Actuarial Practice Course (APC)

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The School of Mathematical Sciences, Sunway University proudly announces the successful completion of the Actuarial Practice Course (APC) by a cohort of 20 students. This esteemed course, conducted by SMS' in-house actuary, Ms. Sophia Ch’ng Sok Heang FIA, CA(M), FCMA, CACD, spans a rigorous 3-month intensive hands-on training period.

The APC, a biannual offering by the school, encompasses a comprehensive curriculum. It delves into various crucial topics, including insurance pricing, reserving, takaful, adherence to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) guidelines, IFRS17 compliance, and more.

Guided by the expertise of Ms. Sophia, the APC course ensures a practical learning experience. This approach enables students to gain profound insights into intricate actuarial concepts within the insurance industry. Throughout the 3-month duration, Ms. Sophia employs quizzes and presentations to gauge students’ comprehension, helping them pinpoint areas of focus before embarking on their careers in the industry.

The school extends its deepest gratitude to Ms. Sophia for her dedication and contribution to the success of the APC course. Congratulations to the 20 accomplished actuarial students who have emerged from the program. Their achievement is an inspiring example, motivating aspiring junior actuaries to strive and qualify for the APC in the forthcoming semester.