Strengthening Educational Ties: Sunway University's School of Education Hosts UPTT Delegation

Delegates from UPTT
School of Education

Sunway University's School of Education recently had the pleasure of hosting a delegation of 30 academics and students from Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai (UPTT). This gathering of minds marked not just a day of academic exchange but also the beginning of what promises to be a long and fruitful association between our two institutions. 

Assoc. Prof Dr Malissa Maria Mahmud
Assoc. Prof. Dr Malissa Maria Mahmud, Dean of the School of Education gave insightful presentations to delegates

The event was marked by insightful presentations, starting with Associate Prof Dr Malissa Maria Mahmud, Dean of the School of Education, who introduced the delegates to Sunway University. Her talk gave an overview of the university's ethos, its educational commitments, and the vibrant community backing its vision. 

Associate Prof Dr Malissa Maria Mahmud, Dean of the School of Education, initiated the proceedings by providing a comprehensive introduction to Sunway University, highlighting the institution's ethos and the sense of community that thrives among students and staff. 

Ms Annyza Tumar, the Associate Dean (Education), elaborated on the Professional Certification for Higher Education Practitioner (PCHEP) program, illustrating the school's pledge to facilitate professional growth in educators. This program is designed to enhance pedagogical skills, ensuring that graduates can contribute effectively to the field of higher education.  

Ms Annyza Tumar
Associate Dean (Education) of the School of Education providing an elaboration of the Professional Certification for Higher Education Practitioner (PCHEP) program
Dr Shamsiah Banu briefing delegates on available programmes
Dr Shamsiah Banu providing insights into new strategic programs to be launched in 2024 

Dr Shamsiah Banu provided insights into the new strategic programs, including the Master of Education (ODL), Master and PhD in Education by research, set to be launched by the School. These programs are tailored to produce world-class graduates capable of advancing knowledge, solving complex problems, and applying research to improve educational practice. Dr Shamsiah Banu emphasized the well-rounded curriculum that prepares graduates to be skilled educators, researchers, and leaders who can respond to both local and global community needs.

UPTT Delegates
Dr Nurmalina (Left) and Dr Musnar Indra Daulay (Right) 

The delegation from Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai (UPTT), led by Dr Musnar Indra Daulay, Chair of the Institute for Research and Community Service, and Dr Nurmalina, Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, shared in-depth insights into their unique educational approaches and teaching methodologies. This exchange of ideas provided both Sunway and UPTT with a broader understanding of different pedagogical strategies and their relevance in varying academic settings. Discussions also ventured into exploring collaborative opportunities, including student exchange programs and joint research initiatives, sparking keen interest among the UPTT delegation. These fruitful interactions highlighted the value and significance of cross-cultural academic collaboration between the two institutions. 


Freestyle Group Shot
Freestyle Group Shot!

The day concluded with a group photo that symbolized the mutual anticipation of a rewarding partnership. With numerous collaborative initiatives already in discussion, there's a shared excitement about the opportunities that lie ahead to enrich the educational experiences at both Sunway University and UPTT.