Unlocking Insights: Highlights from the Statistics Forum on "Transforming Data to Impact"

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In the ever-evolving landscape of data science and AI, the recent Statistics Forum, organised by the School of Mathematical Sciences, Sunway University, in collaboration with Sunway Career Services, shed light on the enduring significance of statistics in driving impactful change.

Dato' Sri Idris Jala, Pro-Chancellor of Sunway University and Chairman & President of PEMANDU Associates, captivated the audience with his keynote address, "Utilising Statistics to Drive Big-Fast-Results in Corporate and Public Policy." Drawing from his experiences, he showcased statistics as the lynchpin in turning around Proton, Malaysian Airlines and Shell, addressing crime in Greater KL, revolutionising education, and developing a COVID-19 recovery index endorsed by the World Health Organization.

Ms. Mei Lan Lim, Director of the Global Modelling Unit - Innovation at Ipsos Malaysia, shared about an innovation market research journey, illustrating the role of statistical tools in ensuring the success of their client's new juice product in the market.

Mr. Asif Muhammad Iqbal, Head of the Data and AI Centre of Excellence at Maxis, enlightened the audience on the symbiotic relationship between statistics and AI. His case study demonstrated how statistical tools were instrumental in creating a successful recommender system, boosting revenue and monetisation.

The forum's message was clear: solving complex problems doesn't always demand complex tools. Basic statistical tools hold transformative potential, emphasising the paramount importance of defining goals in data-driven decision-making. Above just having data, it is vital to use statistics to give a precise diagnosis in order to have a precise prescription.

The Statistics Forum was a nexus of knowledge, connecting professionals, academics, and students in a collective exploration of statistics' transformative power.