Prof. Ts. Dr. Bey Hing Goh Featured in the Star

The School of Medical and Life Sciences' own Prof. Ts. Dr. Bey Hing Goh has been featured in The Star, offering insightful commentary on the dynamic intersection of science and media.

In a compelling opinion piece titled "Of scientists and rock stars," Prof. Goh, alongside Dr. Ley Hian Low, PhD of Biogenes Technologies, delves into the critical role that scientific communication plays in today's fast-paced world. They explore how scientists, much like rock stars, have the potential to captivate and inspire the public with their groundbreaking work.

Prof. Goh's contribution is more than just an article; it's a call to action for the scientific community to engage more profoundly with society, harnessing modern platforms to amplify their impactful research. He encourages the embrace of social media and innovative communication strategies to make scientific discoveries as viral as the latest trend.

At Sunway University, we're proud to support our researchers not only in their quest for knowledge but also in their efforts to share that knowledge with the world in meaningful and resonant ways. Prof. Goh's publication is a testament to our commitment to excellence in research and communication.

We invite you to read his thought-provoking article and join us in congratulating Prof. Goh for his stellar representation of our university in the national conversation on science and its societal significance.