SunFest: A Gift of Celebration

Sunway Education has embarked on a mission to cultivate a culture of giving amongst the Sunway Community through the 3 pillars of giving (Time, Talent, Treasure) which embodies a Giving Sunwayian.

The Sunway University Student Council and Sunway College Student Council have chosen to align with this mission and to lead by example – Hence, SunFest which will run from 2 - 4 July2024 is a festival to raise awareness and funds for our fellow community scholars through the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation.

This event and initiative not only showcases the creativity and hard work of our students but also serves a noble cause to support our peers through the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation.

You can do you part in being a Giving Sunwayian too by visiting and supporting the vendors which includes Sunway Alumni who will be here for the next 3 days