Sunway Campus eWaste Collection Day


The widespread use of electronic gadgets without proper disposal is a concern that Sunway Education Group (SEG) aims to tackle.

While the SEG IT Services department has pressed forward to deploy better technology to all Sunway Education institutions, they are also conscious of the disposal of used electronic items (eWaste).

The eWaste disposal campaign was kicked off with the promotion of a permanent ‘Larger eWaste Collection Bin’ placed at the Recycling Corner located in the University building to encourage more students and staff to dispose bigger sized eWaste. The dimension of the bin opening measuring 990mm x 250mm is suitable for disposing items such as laptops, notebooks, computers, mini printers, network devices and small home appliances to name a few.



As for other eWaste items that are smaller in size such as mobile phones, batteries, chargers and other electronic components, the eWaste collection bins are available all year long at strategic locations on campus and hostels.



In late February 2024, the eWaste collection day was organised with a collection truck on campus to collect:

  1. Office eWaste items from ITS and Facilities departments
  2. Items collected from the large and small eWaste bins on campus
  3. Other eWaste items brought from home by students and staff


The initiative, which is organised twice a year, is a joint effort between IT Services and Campus with a Conscience (CWAC). The collected eWaste is then properly disposed by a certified eWaste disposal vendor, approved by Department of Environment (DoE). The chosen vendor is also aligned with our IT Services department, advocating for and supporting a cleaner and greener environment.

It is hoped that through this campaign, the Sunway campus will be known by all as a sustainable campus. Section Head of IT Services and Project Leader, Mr. Ong Kiat Ming shared, “We all have the responsibility to take care of the mother nature.”

The potentially damaging effects of eWaste on nature and human health can be mitigated through proper disposal practices. One of the key focus areas of this campaign was to create awareness among our community on the effects of our daily habits on mother nature.



CIO of IT Services, SEG, Mr. Tony Lee, said “It takes only little effort to participate in our Sunway Campus eWaste Disposal campaign. Let’s all bear the responsibility together to protect our environment.”



The total amount of eWaste collected since the campaign began in 2012 is 36,000kg (as of 29 February 2024). Globally, a total of 20 to 50 million metric tons of eWaste are disposed every year as reported by UN. Let’s make a change by reducing, recycling and reusing electrical and electronic appliances. Stay tuned to the next Sunway Campus eWaste Collection Day in 19 September 2024.