Pillars of Competitiveness

The three pillars of competitiveness provide direction and focus to the type of questions asked and the work conducted within IGSC.


Economic Health

This pillar investigates drivers of competitiveness from the vantage point of firms, industry, and national ecosystems, with a particular focus on policies and drivers of structure and competitive strategies to create positions of sustainable advantage.


Social Health

This pillar focuses on issues of distribution of wealth, equity, and unity within ecosystems as a consequence of economic policies and strategies at the firm, industry, and national levels. The lens scrutinizes who creates value, for whom, and how this value is distributed among the diverse stakeholders within the ecosystem. It stresses the need for inclusive creation and sharing of value creation to ensure shared prosperity.

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Environment Health

This pillar scrutinizes how actions of individuals, firms, industries, and government impact the environment and draws into explicit consideration the need to go beyond the simple mantra of firm profit maximization and short-run economic development and competitiveness by holistic consideration of the costs to the natural environment and life of species, including that of the human race over the long run.