Centre for Higher Education Research



The Centre for Higher Education Research focusses on the future development in global higher education by way of research into educational issues. The aim is to inform and improve higher education policy and practice. We seek linkages with institutions and academics in Malaysia and internationally for collaborative research into higher education



To be an innovative and enterprising centre that makes a significant contribution to research and scholarship for the development of higher education policy and practice.



  • To facilitate collaborations between academics at Sunway University and at leading international universities to encourage knowledge transfer and to undertake research into the development of higher education
  • To be multi-disciplinary in approach, utilising understandings and methodologies from areas such as sociology, linguistics, psychology, economics, education and information technology in responding to educational issues
  • To be underpinned by the notion of increasing access to higher education for under-represented societal groups, and enhancing successful educational outcomes for all students
  • To explore higher education directions and activities globally, regionally and locally in ever changing situations and environments
  • To study the shape and directions of higher education for the future