Centre for Higher Education Research


Centre for Higher Education Research

The Centre for Higher Education Research is dedicated to advancing global higher education through research and collaboration. Our focus lies in informing and improving higher education policy and practice. We actively seek partnerships with institutions and academics in Malaysia and internationally to conduct collaborative research into key higher education issues. By leveraging collective expertise, we aim to foster innovation and enhance the effectiveness of higher education systems worldwide, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of learners and societies in the 21st century.



To be an innovative and enterprising centre that makes a significant contribution to research and scholarship for the development of higher education policy and practice.




Foster rich partnerships within Sunway University and with global leaders to share insights and pioneer educational research

Interdisciplinary Approach

Leverage diverse disciplines to create holistic educational strategies that address contemporary and future challenges.

Inclusivity in Access

Champion equitable education for all, aiming to remove barriers and support underrepresented groups.

Global and Local Inquiry

Pursue a thorough understanding of educational practices across different contexts to guide informed, adaptive policies.

Visionary Direction

Anticipate and shape the future of education by studying emerging trends and preparing leaders for tomorrow’s educational landscape. 



Our Research

Explore our diverse portfolio of projects, spanning topics such as literacy development, STEM education, inclusive practices, and educational technology. Each project represents a collaborative effort between researchers, educators, and community partners, aiming to generate impactful insights and drive positive change to improve educational outcomes for learners of all backgrounds. Join us on our journey of discovery and transformation in the field of education.


Events and Conferences

From thought-provoking panel discussions to hands-on workshops, CHER’s events foster collaboration and innovation in the higher education field. Whether attending or organising, participants engage with leading experts, exchange insights, and gain valuable knowledge to address the evolving challenges in education. Join us as we cultivate a vibrant community committed to advancing teaching and learning for all.

resource library

Resource Library

Explore the resource library, a hub of publications on higher education research, policy brief summaries pertaining to higher education and educational resources catering to educators, policymakers and researchers. Continuously updated, our library offers insights into current trends and pressing issues, empowering stakeholders to drive positive change in education. Dive in and discover the tools and information needed to shape a brighter future for learners worldwide.