Micro-credential in Pre-Calculus


Course CodeMATH1024C
SynopsisPre-calculus introduces students to an in-depth study of functions and a review of the foundation of algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric fundamentals. It prepares students for Calculus with an emphasis on functions. Trigonometry is essential not only in Calculus but also in modelling real world scientific and technical problems, where one needs to study the relationship between variables. This course covers both graphical and computational aspects of these relationships.
Learning Outcome

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of basic properties for various functions.
  • Sketch the graphs of various functions.
  • Apply properties of functions to solve equations.
Delivery ModeFace-to-face, physical
Duration of Study14 week (January and August) 
7 weeks (June)

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