School of American Education Courses

School of American Education Courses


American Degree Transfer Program

The ADTP has been developed specifically to allow students to complete the first part of an American degree at Sunway University. The program has been designed in consultation with American universities to ensure that students can transfer seamlessly to America to complete their studies.

Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Micro-credential in Global Digital Talent - Part 1

This course targets those who are keen to be Digital Entrepreneurs. This course provides the essential elements pertaining to the area of electronic commerce together with its implications for the commercial macro and micro digital economy environment.

Micro-credential in Global Digital Talent - Part 2

This course is aimed at those participants who are interested in setting up their own businesses and better understanding the digital landscape.

Micro-credential in Pre-Calculus

Pre-calculus introduces students to an in-depth study of functions and a review of the foundation of algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric fundamentals. It prepares students for Calculus with an emphasis on functions. Trigonometry is essential not only in Calculus but also in modelling real world scientific and technical problems, where one…

Micro-credential in Principles of Sociology

This course is targeted at high school leavers. It introduces students to some basic concepts and theories in order to understand our society and ourselves.  It enables us to see how behaviour is largely shaped by the group or organization to which we belong and the society in which we live.  Topics included in the course are culture,…

Short Course in Digital Transformation

The objective of this course is to provide an overview of available technology, and guide participants to go through a reflection process on how technology can improve existing business processes thus leading to the digital transformation of a business.