Planetary Health and Sustainability in the Tropics


Course CodeSCPHST
SynopsisThe Planetary Health and Sustainability Development in the Tropics by Sunway University is a course designed to explore the rich biodiversity in Malaysia. The course aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the people, their culture, and their interrelationships with the natural ecosystems in the region. It will delve into current and emerging innovative solutions for sustainable living tailored to the diverse communities residing in one of the most vibrant natural ecosystems in the world. This course aims to instill a values-based solution mindset, empowering students to tackle the intricate challenges of tropical ecosystems within the framework of planetary health and the United Nations' sustainable development goals (UN-SDGs). Through stimulating lectures, interactive discussions, team-based projects, field trips, and hands-on experiences, students will develop a profound understanding of the delicate balance between human activity, economic development, and the health of our planet. Beyond the boundaries of our most happening campus at Sunway City, one of Malaysia’s safest and most sustainable cities on the periphery of Kuala Lumpur, the student’s journey will extend to exploring some of the most breathtaking and exotic landscapes of Malaysia. They will have the opportunity to venture into lush rainforests and other vibrant ecosystems to conduct research and witness real-world ecological, conservation, and sustainability efforts. Additionally, students will engage with local communities and experts, contributing directly to the promotion of community and environmental well-being in alignment with the UN-SDGs.
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the ecological significance of the diverse tropical biodiversity in sustaining vibrant ecosystems.
  • Conceptualize issues and challenges related to planetary health and sustainable development within tropical ecosystems.
  • Develop innovative solutions to tackle the challenges encountered in tropical ecosystems.
Delivery ModeIn person lectures, tutorials, discussions and field trips
Duration of Study2 months

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For More Information, please contact:

  • Associate Professor Dr Kavita Reginald


2 months
Estimated Annual Course Fee
  • RM11,000
    for Malaysian students
  • USD2,550
    for international students
International students must pay their fees in RM equivalent. The USD here is just an indicative/estimation and subject to the prevalent exchange rate

Student studying

Entry Requirements

  • Upper Intermediate English (CEFR B2 equivalent) or Native speaker

Scholarships and Financial Aid

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