School of Medical & Life Sciences Courses

School of Medical & Life Sciences Courses


Diploma in Nursing

Sunway’s Diploma in Nursing combines both conventional and state-of-the-art technological applications. The programme caters for those with a passion for nurturing the well-being of others. Students in this programme will be able to learn core medical and nursing subjects such as anatomy and physiology of the human body, nursing care and related…


BSc (Hons) Biology with Psychology

This exciting and innovative biology degree incorporates behavioural sciences to make it more relevant, relatable, and applicable to a broader range of careers. With 75% of the subjects focusing on biology, graduates will be equipped with a strong foundation to further their studies in postgraduate level in the area of neuroscience, and in…

BSc (Hons) Medical Biotechnology

The development of medical biotechnologies is one of the major success stories of the last 20 years, and continues to revolutionise the world of medicine. Exciting new developments have led the way to new treatments to combat previously life-threatening diseases and to improve the quality of life. This programme will lead you through some of the…

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biomedicine

Get involved in the healthcare sector with this medically-orientated degree. Our biomedicine degree provides an ideal platform for careers in biology and biomedicine, including further postgraduate study.

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Studying psychology will allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of how we learn, think, feel and adapt to our social environment. The programme covers both normal and abnormal behaviour, and deals with the biological, social and individual factors that affect human psychology. The programme also includes supervised fieldwork, during which you…


Post Basic Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing

Post Basic Intensive Care Nursing Course is a 6-month full-time programme designed to provide nurses with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, attitude and skills in the field of Intensive Care nursing. Graduates from this course will be knowledgeable and skillful in delivering care in the field of critical care in line with the industrial…

Post Basic Certificate in Perioperative Nursing

The Post Basic Certificate in Perioperative Nursing (PBCPN) is a 6 months home grown programme offered by School of Medical and Life Sciences Sunway University. It obtained its approval (PA) from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) and the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA on 9th March 2021). The structure of the curriculum is…

Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Science

The Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Science is a research-based programme in which students become actively engaged in bidirectional translational medicine. The programme focuses on studies that either bring current issues from patients and medical care to laboratory settings, or take scientific discoveries made in the laboratory or the clinic and…

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biology aims to produce graduates equipped with necessary critical thinking skills, lifelong learners, and all attributes which will add to the national and global requirements of biology. The graduates will become experts and competent scientists who are able to synthesise and apply knowledge via innovative…

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

The Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology degree is a research higher degree. This research postgraduate programme equips graduates with advanced knowledge of research methods and the skills to independently conduct research in many areas of behavioural science. Students conduct original research which extends the frontiers of knowledge in a…

Master of Applied Behaviour Analysis

This programme aims to transform graduates into Malaysia Certified Behaviour Analysts after achieving the minimal supervised practice hours satisfying the training guidelines of the Malaysia Association of Behaviour Analysis.

Master in Medical Science

The Master in Medical Science is a research-based programme for students who have graduated from a bachelor’s degree in medical science or a related field. It aims to nurture students with holistic approaches including the opportunities for national or international collaborations, specialised training courses (seminar, workshops, etc), and a rich…

Master of Science in Psychology

This programme focuses on a topic of student's choice through an independent research project. It is specifically designed to enable students to develop research skills and to undertake independent research while broadening knowledge and understanding in an area of psychology that excites them.

Master of Science in Life Sciences

This postgraduate research programme will provide students with the opportunity to conduct original research, which extends the frontiers of knowledge in a specialised area of their choice in Life Sciences.

Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Care of Elderly

The programme aims to provide graduates with advanced knowledge and skills in Geriatric Medicine to deal with the increase in global population aging and increased complexity in the field of medicine. This program will contribute to developing competent and skilled medical practitioners who have a caring and holistic approach in managing older…

Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Planetary Health and Sustainability in the Tropics

Course CodeGDTPart1CSynopsisThis course targets those who are keen to be Digital Entrepreneurs.