Micro-credential in Governance in Sustainable Development


Course CodeSSM5183C
SynopsisGovernance in Sustainable Development delves into the complexities of governance in sustainable development, examining the interactions between state institutions and stakeholders. It explores the incentive structures and dynamics of political systems, providing students with an understanding of how institutions and partnerships influence policy outcomes and the achievement of SDG 16 and 17. This course is important for students interested in pursuing careers in policy-making, international development, or those looking to make a positive impact on society through sustainable development initiatives.
Learning Outcomes
  • CLO1: Review the logic of politics and governance as well as incentive structures provided by political institutions to various stakeholders. [PLO1]
  • CLO2: Assemble knowledge on incentive structure faced by various players in identifying the sustainability-friendly institutional designs. [PLO2]
  • CLO3: Formulate strategies to innovatively influence public and elite opinion on attainment of sustainable development goals given the political and governance structure in one's country. [PLO 9]
Delivery ModeBlended Mode
Duration of Study7 weeks

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