Sunway Business School Courses

Sunway Business School Courses


Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

In line with Malaysia’s aspirations to become a developed nation, the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), projected that the nation requires 60,000 accounting professionals by 2020, up from the 32,000 registered with MIA at the end of 2016, according to the MIA Annual Report 2016.

Bachelor of Business Analytics (Honours)

The Bachelor of Business Analytics (Honours) provides students with the knowledge and applied skills in Big Data processing to effectively deal with the rapidly emerging field of Business Analytics.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Business Management

This programme provides students with a broad and in-depth knowledge of business management with flexible skills and competencies to work for any organisation or even to establish your own business in the future.

BSc (Hons) Business Studies

This programme caters to those who wish to join the business profession with a particular emphasis on understanding customers and their preferences. You will develop a broad understanding of business organisations and learn how businesses develop strategies, make decisions, allocate resources, and manage risks and uncertainties in this globally…

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Entrepreneurship

Do you have a BIG idea? Are you set on building a business from the ground up? It is not just about preparing a great business plan and mastering the pitch to investors. Entrepreneurs don’t follow a career path – they make their own. Drive and determination are key qualities that make a successful entrepreneur; and at Sunway University, we provide…

Bachelor (Honours) in Finance

The Bachelor (Honours) in Finance programme aims to train multi-talented Banking & Finance graduates by providing strong grounding in a diverse range of subjects comprising Accounting, Banking, Fintech, Investment, and Quantitative Methods to meet today’s industry demands. This also includes specialized training and skill development in long-…

BSc (Hons) Financial Analysis

The BSc (Hons) Financial Analysis programme has been designed to meet the increasing demand for quality skills and expertise in the financial services industry.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Financial Economics

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) Financial Economics programme ensures that economics graduates stay ahead of the industry by acquiring technological skills such as quantitative exposure to analytical models, big-data analysis, forecasting, etc. With its new and improved structure, students will be trained in the application of powerful economics…

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Global Supply Chain Management

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) Global Supply Chain Management programme aims to meet the increasing demands of professionals in this field. You will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to manage supply chain networks to achieve greater operational efficiency.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in International Business

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in International Business programme equips students with essential knowledge in the area of international business. Business today cannot remain domestic for two main reasons. First, your competitors come from around the world. Whether you are a watch maker, a restaurant owner, or a retailer, you will find global…

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Marketing 

This specialised degree is a dynamic programme encompassing the multifaceted components of marketing. Central to the programme design is a focus on understanding consumer behaviour as a driver of product design, distribution, communication, and pricing strategy. Through the study of specialised marketing fields such as branding, services,…


Doctor of Philosophy (Business)

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the highest level of academic qualification one can achieve. This qualification sets graduates apart as having developed an exhaustive understanding of a selected focus area in the discipline of business studies, placing graduates at the forefront of their chosen field of research.

Doctor of Philosophy in Sustainable Development

The PhD in Sustainable Development is a full research programme focusing on key areas of sustainable development and themes outlined in the 17 sustainable development goals.

Business Administration (Online)

Sunway University's online MBA degree offers international accreditations, a leading global institution, future-proof education, and learning from expert academics and industry professionals.

Marketing (Online)

The Sunway University Online Master of Marketing is delivered by an experienced team of brilliant academics, with the highly respected Dr. Suzanne Tan Ser Zian at the helm.

Master in Public Policy

The Master in Public Policy at the Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia prepares students to develop practical solutions to real-world policy problems in the region through a multi-disciplinary focus in economics, quantitative analysis and public policy management.

Master in Sustainable Development Management

The Master in Sustainable Development Management (MSDM) at the Jeffrey Sachs Center aims to create a new generation of multidisciplinary practitioners adept at management and problem-solving using analytics and systems thinking guided by global concerns.

Master of Business Analytics

Master of Business Analytics is a comprehensive, industry-relevant programme designed to incorporate three essential domains; business analytics, information technology and business innovation. This programme provides the necessary intellectual underpinning theories and practice in business analytics and business-related areas to enable holistic…

Master of Human Resource Management

The Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) programme is designed in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the world’s largest Chartered HR and development body, for aspiring managers and professionals with the ambition to become strategic leaders and human resource managers.

Master of Philosophy (Business Administration)

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Business Administration programme is a full research degree that aims to expand student's research knowledge to conduct independent research in different areas of Business. In addition, students are encouraged to develop new ideas or employ well-thought-out methodologies to produce research that has substantial…

Master of Marketing

The Master of Marketing programme will take you on a developmental journey of skills and knowledge needed to become an effective and reflective marketing practitioner. You will gain in-depth understanding of markets and how they work, and be introduced to the theories, tools and techniques that firms use to connect with and shape markets.

Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Micro-credential in Biodiversity

The overall course objective is for students to gain an understanding of the ecological and evolutionary basis of biodiversity, to compare the relative contributions of environment and history on biodiversity dynamics, and to highlight important links between biodiversity, environmental health and human wellbeing. Special consideration is given to…

Micro-credential in Corporate Sustainability Strategies

Corporate Sustainability Strategies is a course that explores the crucial role played by corporations in sustainable development. It focuses on the responsibilities of businesses to the environment and society, and how they can contribute to advancing sustainable development goals. This course is essential for individuals in the corporate sector…

Micro-credential in Earth’s Climate System

This course explores components of the Earth's environmental systems and how they interact to form the Earth's climate. The topics covered include the sources of energy, weather and atmospheric forces, ocean chemistry and circulations, climate systems; past and present, and the influence of human activity on Earth's climate system. This course…

Micro-credential in Economics of Sustainability Management

Economics of Sustainability Management covers economic theory and practice for sustainable dynamic growth, identifying drivers of growth, income distribution, and social welfare dimensions.

Micro-credential in Finance & Sustainability

Finance & Sustainability is a course that integrates finance and sustainability by teaching students finance tools and principles for analyzing and valuing sustainable businesses. As financial decisions are increasingly affected by climate change and resource scarcity, this course is important for students to understand how environmental and…

Micro-credential in Governance in Sustainable Development

Governance in Sustainable Development delves into the complexities of governance in sustainable development, examining the interactions between state institutions and stakeholders.

Micro-credential in Smart Technology and Internet of Things (IoT)

This course aims to provide learners with an understanding of the fundamentals of smart technology and how it may be used to solve real-world problems in a sustainable way or to achieve sustainability. The course’s focus will be to impart an understanding of technology’s roles and allow learners to assess and recommend the best solutions for…

Micro-credential in Social Entrepreneurship & Development

Social Entrepreneurship & Development covers the essential steps of designing, developing, and supporting a social enterprise. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the commercial and social aspects, stakeholder concerns, and customer problems faced by targeted communities.

Micro-credential in Sustainable Forestry

This course provides an overview of sustainable forestry practices and their economic implications. Students will learn about the different forest ecosystems in Malaysia, their current status, and the services they provide.

Micro-credential in Sustainable Management and Operations

Sustainable Management and Operations (SMO) emphasizes a sustainability angle in traditional operations management teaching, recognizing the hierarchy of importance between the environment, society, and governance.

Micro-credential in Sustainable Waste Management

Sustainable Waste Management covers the latest trends and technologies in waste management, including Extended Producer Responsibility, the Circular Economy, and Zero Waste. Students will learn about biological, physical, chemical, and thermal treatments for different types of waste, as well as the management of emissions.