Associate Professor Dr Sitara Karim

Associate Professor Dr Sitara Karim

  • Associate Professor
Department of Economics & Finance


Dr. Sitara Karim is an Associate Professor of Finance/ FinTech at Sunway Business School, Sunway University, Malaysia. She obtained her Ph.D. in Finance and Banking from the Northern University of Malaysia. She is performing her tasks in research and publications, and teaching and excellence quite diligently. She is serving as Associate Editor of the International Review of Economics and Finance (SCOPUS Q1; ABDC: A, ABS: 2, IF: 3.393). She is also Guest Editing a Special Issue in Energy Economics (ABDC: A, ABS: 3*, IF: 9.252, SCOPUS: Q1). She is supervising several Ph.D. and Master research students and inspiring other early research careers. She is a fellow of Center for Market Education Malaysia. She has remained Distinguished Speaker at various International Conferences, Workshops, and Events. She is European Marketing and Management Association Women's Forum Member. She is an active and keen researcher with dynamic teaching and research experience of corporate finance and its allied areas. Along with her role as Guest Editor, she is serving as an Editorial Advisory Board Member of Heliyon (Business and Economics) and Review of International Business and Strategy. She is currently AEIC Annual Academic Committee Member and an expert reviewer at AI Scholar. She is a dynamic research scholar who readily delves into the new trends and challenges related to financial economics, cryptocurrencies, financial markets, green finance, artificial intelligence, financial technologies, sustainable corporate governance, women in corporate boardrooms, board ethnicity, etc. She is having more than 9 years of teaching and 12 years of research experience. She is a Gold Medalist in MBA Program. She has several top-ranked publications ranging from SCIE, SSCI, WoS, and SCOPUS. 

Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • Ph.D. Finance and Banking (Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Malaysia, 2018-2020)
  • M.Phil Finance/Business Administration (Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan, 2011-2015)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan, 2009-2011)

Research Interests

  • Financial Economics  
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Financial Markets  
  • Green Finance 
  • Financial Technologies 
  • Sustainable Corporate Governance  
  • Women in Corporate Boardrooms 
  • Board Ethnicity 
  • Sustainable Finance 
  • Risk and Return 

Teaching Areas

  • Finance 
  • Financial Economics 
  • FinTech 
  • Sustainable Finance 
  • International Finance  

Courses Taught

  • Investment Management 
  • Financial Risk Management 
  • Business Ethics and CSR 
  • Business Research Methods 
  • Advance Research Methods 
  • Fundamentals of Financial Management 
  • Principles of Corporate Finance 
  • FinTech and Cryptocurrencies 
  • International Finance 
  • Finance in the Global Markets 

Notable Publications

2023 -

Naeem, M. A., Anwer, Z., Karim, S., & Tiwari, A. K. . Are Exchange Rate Contagions Asymmetric? Evidence from Emerging Market Economies. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 1-18. 

2023 -

Sehrish, S., Naeem, M. A., Karim, S., Yarovaya, L. . Gender & Mutual Fund Liquidity. British Journal of Management. (In Press). 

2023 -

Farid, S., Karim, S., Naeem, M. A., Nepal, R., & Jamasb, T. . Co-movement between dirty and clean energy: A time-frequency perspective. Energy Economics, 106565. 

2023 -

Naeem, M. A., Karim, S., Yarovaya, L. & Lucey, B. M. . Systematic risk contagion of green and Islamic markets with conventional markets. Annals of Operations Research. 

2023 -

Rehman, M. A., Irfan, M., Naeem, M. A., Lucey, B. M., & Karim, S. . Macro-Financial Implications of Central Bank Digital Currencies. Research in International Business and Finance, 101892. 

2023 -

Appiah, M., Li, M., Naeem, M. A., & Karim, S. . Greening the globe: Uncovering the impact of environmental policy, renewable energy, and innovation on ecological footprint. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 192, 122561. 

2023 -

Karim, S., Naeem, M. A., Shafiullah, M., Lucey, B. M., & Ashraf, S. . Asymmetric relationship between Climate Policy Uncertainty and Energy Metals: Evidence from Cross-Quantilogram. Finance Research Letters, 103728. 

2023 -

Siddique, M. A., Nobanee, H., Karim, S., & Naz, F. . Do green financial markets offset the risk of cryptocurrencies and carbon markets?. International Review of Economics & Finance. 

2022 -

Karim, S., Vigne, S., Lucey, B. M., & Naeem, M. A. . Discretionary impacts of the risk management committee attributes on firm performance: Do board size matter? International Journal of Emerging Markets. (IF: 2.525) 

2022 -

Karim, S., Lucey, B. M., Naeem, M. A., & Vigne, S. A. . The dark side of Bitcoin: Do Emerging Asian Islamic markets help subdue the ethical risk?. Emerging Markets Review, 100921. (IF: 4.359) 

2022 -

Hadi, D. M., Karim, S., Naeem, M. A., & Lucey, B. M. . Turkish Lira crisis and its impact on sector returns. Finance Research Letters, 103479. (9.596) 

2022 -

Karim, S., Naz, F., Naeem, M. A., & Vigne, S. A. . Is FinTech providing effective solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in ASEAN countries?. Economic Analysis and Policy. (IF: 4.24) 

Achievements & Accolades

2020 -

Successfully defended Ph.D. dissertation on 5th March, , Universiti Utara Malaysia. 

2011 -

Gold Medalist in MBA Session -2015. 

Nominated for Lord Dearing Awards (University of Nottingham, Malaysia) 

Nominated for Best Supervisor (Ph.D.) ILMA University, Karachi, Pakistan 

Outstanding Lecturer and Supervisor Award by Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan 

Professional Associations

  1. Associate Editor: International Review of Economics and Finance 
  2. Guest Editor: Energy Economics 
  3. Editorial Advisory Board Member: Heliyon (Business and Economics) 
  4. Editorial Advisory Board Member: Review of International Business and Strategy  
  5. Elsevier Incorporation 
  6. Research Consultant, Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates 
  7. Fellow, Center for Market Education (CME), Malaysia 
  8. European Marketing and Management Association (EUMMAS) Women’s Forum Member, Bosnia & Herzegovina