Department of Economics and Finance

Department of Economics and Finance

The Department of Economics and Finance specialises in innovative research pertaining to economics and finance, addressing current market issues in Malaysia and internationally by applying our findings to real-world scenarios.

Our areas of expertise are generally categorised into the following:

Financial intermediation

  1. Implications of an individual bank’s decisions (e.g. financing and lending decisions) for firms and financial markets
  2. Understanding the drivers and implications of bank risk-taking
  3. Effects of the aggregate-level bank risk on firms’ decisions (e.g. investment and financing decisions)

Corporate finance

  1. Variation in corporate investment
  2. Understanding the drivers of a firm’s capital structure
  3. Understanding the driver of firms’ performance

Macroeconomics and macroeconomic policy

  1. Implications of macroeconomic conditions for the private sector (e.g. investment and employment)
  2. Effects of monetary policy on financial markets, financial institutions and firms

Financial markets

  1. Effects of macroeconomic conditions on asset prices (e.g. exchange rates, bond prices and stock prices)
  2. Effects of firms’ characteristics on stock prices

International finance

  1. Understanding how a firm manages its exposure to exchange rate risk
  2. Effects of a firm’s internationalisation (e.g. foreign sales and foreign investments) on its performance