Forewords by Partners

Sunway University President


Sunway University has been partnering with Lancaster University, UK, since 2005. Through this partnership students studying for many Sunway University degrees can also qualify for a degree from Lancaster, which is rated as a top ten university in the UK (The Complete University Guide, UK). This special and very close partnership gives students in Malaysia the opportunity to acquire a degree from one of Malaysia’s leading universities and from an outstanding UK university at the same time.

Sunway University has been proud to partner with such a distinguished international university over a such a long period, and the partnership continues to go from strength to strength with strong links both in teaching and research.

I am delighted to share a personal message from the Lancaster Vice-Chancellor for all of our students enrolled for the Sunway and Lancaster awards.

Professor Sibrandes Poppema
Sunway University

Prof. Scofield


A warm welcome to our students who are part of the Lancaster-Sunway partnership and to those considering studying with us.

By our 15th anniversary year in September, 5,000 students will be studying for Sunway University programmes that are offered in partnership with Lancaster University.

Students graduate from both Sunway and Lancaster Universities giving them a strong competitive edge and a valuable global perspective. This is strengthened with opportunities to visit the UK through study abroad and shortterm summer programmes.

The partnership goes from strength to strength and while the Lancaster-Sunway partnership initially focused on teaching, it has evolved to also include research collaboration. You can read more about the joint Future Cities Research Centre, which is focussed on responding to the challenges facing urban areas.

I’m very proud of what this partnership has achieved and of the graduates it has produced. I look forward to celebrating your future success.

Professor Andy Schofield
Lancaster University