Bringing SDGs into AUSMAT Curriculum

Bringing SDGs into AUSMAT Curriculum

As part of the strategic direction for the Australian Matriculation Programme (AUSMAT) in 2022, a staff development training was conducted by Mr Jason Soh and Dr Sally, who are both academic colleagues in the AUSMAT programme, from November 2021 - January 2022 in phases to identify the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the AUSMAT subjects’ curriculum.

Mr Jason Soh, who is a member of the Campus with A Conscience committee, as well as a senior lecturer who teaches Accounting & Finance and Career & Enterprise subjects in the AUSMAT programme, organised this training to guide academic staff in embedding relevant SDGs in their subjects, to increase the level of awareness on sustainability among staff and students.

In Phase 1, subject lecturers are required to incorporate the SDGs identified into their teaching and learning for the year. Sample strategies are shared by both trainers based on the subjects they teach, and different subject teams are then grouped in breakout sessions to determine the SDGs which are linked to their course outlines.

In Phase 2, each subject team is then required to present their strategies of incorporating SDGs into their subject curriculum on an online Teams session, to share best practices and provide constructive feedback.

For Phase 3, each subject team finalised their SDGs which are then implemented in teaching and learning. Relevant SDGs based on subjects are also showcased in the upcoming programme student guide to create awareness among potential students and their parents on AUSMAT’s commitment to championing SDGs in its curriculum.

Mr Jason shares strategies on embedding SDGs in the curriculum, accompanied by Dr Sally in Phase 1 of the training

Group photo at the end of subject team presentations in Phase 2 of the training