The Hasanah Forum 2021: From Charity To Justice

The Hasanah Forum 2021: From Charity To Justice

The Hasanah Forum (THF) 2021 is happening on 17-18 November! The two-day virtual forum will explore ways to integrate a justice-oriented framework through provoking conversations, best practices and insightful discussions.

Who should attend The Hasanah Forum 2021 (THF)? If you're passionate about doing good, this forum is for you! THF was birthed from our belief that every Malaysian can be a part of building an equal and just society, and that every one of us deserves an opportunity to learn from thought leaders and advocates, ask questions and discover how to integrate charity into daily life.

Who should attend THF? If you're involved or interested in:

  • civil society organisations
  • non-profit work
  • public policy
  • humanitarian work
  • corporate social responsibility
  • academia
  • research and data
  • sustainable business
  • philanthropy
  • economics
  • social justice
  • doing good and making a difference

THF is for you! Happening virtually on 17-18 November 2021, you'll hear from leading experts, thought leaders and trailblazers paving the way for an equal and just society for all. Registration is free, so sign up today and we'll see you there. #THF2021