3RC Programme

What is the 3RC Programme

3RC stands for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost in that order. As a large-scale institution that inevitably generates waste, the University is committed to build and support a campus community that responsibly consumes and manages our waste.

What is Sunway Doing



Environmental Sustainability Policy

This policy includes the University's commitment to reduce 40% of it's waste going into the landfills by 2030.

Recycle Corners

Recycle Corners can be found across campus with cloth bins, shoe bins and eWaste bins as well as recyling bins on every floor in the University building.

The Last Straw Campaign

Initiated in 2019, the Last Straw Campaign educated students on the environmental impact of single-use plastic and how to take small steps to tackle plastic waste issues. The pilot initiative introduces the refilling stations on campus to eliminate the use or purchase of plastic water bottles on campus. an initiative that eliminates single-use plastic on campus and encourages a no single-use plastic lifestyle. The campaign has continued throughout the years by extending the no single-use plastic practice to all types of cutlery on campus supplied by vendors. This campaign will continue to advance and encourage responsible use of plastic by everyone who is apart of our campus community.





External Engagement

eWaste Collection Day

Related Policies

No Single-Use Plastic

Activities/Student-led Initiatives


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Sunway Group Tackles Food Waste

GreenThink! SEG's eWaste Collection Day (2012-2021)

Originated from the GreenThink! initiative, please take advantage of our "eWaste Collection Day" to dispose your household big e-Waste items.

Say 'No' to Plastics!

The Last Straw Campaign organised a marketplace during the week of 2nd to 6th March 2020 at the Sunway College Boulevard. The marketplace hosted vendors and organisations with ideas, items and innovations for plastic reduction in daily life. The impetus for the marketplace was to reduce plastic…

Malaysia’s First Fully Immersive Recycling VR Game

Global plastic recycling rates are 14% with effective recucling only constituting 2%. To encourage uptake of recycling behaviour, the Center for Research-Creation in Digital Media (CRCDM) at Sunway University has rolled out Malaysia’s First Fully Immersive Recycling VR Game.