Sunway University’s Futuristic Expansion Plan

Sunway University’s Futuristic Expansion Plan

Green building certification

These new facilities will be built according to the Gold Plus certification standard of green buildings and is expected to be completed by 2025.

The new building with estimated 600,000 square feet space will have features such as passive architecture to achieve maximum energy savings while ensuring thermal comfort. The estimated envelope heat transfer will be significantly better than Malaysia’s building code baseline standard MS1525-2014. It will also be utilising a district cooling system with chilled water centrally supplied, enabling reduced water consumption compared to traditional cooling systems. The rainwater harvesting system will also contribute to the reduction in water consumption from municipal supply.

Similar to the existing University building completed in 2014, the new development will also be equipped with intelligent building management system with precise measurement and monitoring of energy and water consumption and smart adjustment to achieve optimum and efficient usage.

Fifteen-minute city

The University will continue to engage local development authorities to ensure that pedestrian infrastructure is connected to all University buildings. Walking accessibility to major facilities and amenities such as public transport stations, malls, recreational areas and medical centres.

“15-minute cities” is a term coined by Franco-Colombian academic Carlos Moreno. It has been promoted as the solution to many issues of urban congestion and sustainable living.

In Sunway City, any part can be reached within 15 minutes either on foot or by bicycle, hence eliminating the need for private vehicles and fuel as well as stress from commuting, thereby improving well-being of the community.