Toxic Waste Management

Sunway University is committed to reducing our impact to the environment. We achieve this by implementing policies and programmes which are monitored through regular audit processes. Policies and procedures are in place for handling and management of hazardous waste from laboratories.

The University addresses issues of potential water pollution by:

  1. Ensuring no leakage of hazardous/toxic chemicals into water system – by implementing proper waste disposal measures
  2. Carrying out scheduled preventive maintenance on sewerage systems to prevent blockage, leakage into water systems

In 2022, we continued to carry out proper disposal of toxic waste produced by University activities. Laboratory waste are categorized according to Department of Environment (DOE) guidelines. A licensed contractor will pack waste on-site according to the category of waste and handle according to the required treatment. Waste amount is measured and recorded.

Laboratory waste is disposed of twice a year. Prior to disposal, waste is packaged, labelled for identification and stored at a centralised chemical waste storage facility.

View our policy on hazardous waste here.