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Climate change results from prolonged shifts in global weather patterns, primarily due to human activities like fossil fuel burning, deforestation, and land use
change. Greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, accumulate in the atmosphere, trapping heat and causing
planetary warming.

This warming yields various consequences such as more intense extreme weather events, rising sea levels, glacier and ice cap melting, and altered
ecosystems. The impacts extend to environmental and social realms, including water scarcity, food and energy insecurity, population displacement, and
health risks. Addressing climate change demands global collective action, emphasizing emission reduction, clean energy adoption, and adaptation to
ongoing changes.


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Energy Efficiency & Carbon Footprint Reduction 2016 – 2020 Projects

Since 2016 three energy projects have been successfully executed.

Quarantine Kits & Contactless Cash Transfer for Inbound International Students during MCO

International students residing in Malaysia during the MCO faced barriers carrying out financial transactions from their home countries, some of which faced stricter lockdown policies. These students were unable to receive funds in a timely manner from their parents to support daily living…

Reboot the Earth Climate Change Hackathon Sends Winner to NYC (2019)

In partnership with United Nations Technology and Innovations Lab (UNTIL), Sunway iLabs organised a Reboot the Earth hackathon on 16 and 17 August 2019, to develop solutions addressing the climate crisis.