Expert Opinion

JCI Fellows occasionally issue opinions letters and editorials in their own professional capacity to media and platforms.


This section archives and collects a curated range of these pieces where such supports JCI objectives.

Has COVID-19 revolutionised our education system?

Education & Social Studies Ops
Governance Studies Ops
Karen Chand opines if the Malaysian education system reflect the type of society that we want.

Insight - Re-carbonising South-East Asia’s blue carbon ecosystems

Special Studies Ops
Leong and Platts make a case to protect mangrove forests against a "development at all costs" mindset because of their carbon sequestering potential, and point the way forward for cooperation.

Crossing the Great Decarbonisation River

Special Studies Ops
Leong and Platts develop a logic model in words and quantity-type numbers, setting out the elements that are happening and need continued attention in a technology roadmap concerning moving away from coal.

Viewing the 12th Malaysia Plan through the lens of decarbonisation

Special Studies Ops
Leong, Platts and Woo comment on energy, ports, soil fertility, fertiliser and mindset.

North Korea and Malaysia’s predictable diplomatic divorce

Governance Studies Ops
Prof. James Chin says Malaysia is the perfect gateway to the rest of the world for the North Koreans, meaning that it can act as a conduit internationally

‘Explore long and viable solution to reduce waste’

Special Studies Ops
Prof. Agamuthu, a solid and hazardous waste management specialist, speaks on Malaysia's effective management of healthcare waste. He elaborates on key improvements for household waste management in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

my Say: Fairness is the virtue that can reset the world

Governance Studies Ops
Dr Ooi Kee Beng says a fair attitude towards fellow humans is not only its own reward; in the larger scheme of things, it is enlightened self-interest.

Climate and environmental Governance: Building cooler cities for a cooler future

Special Studies Ops
Prof G Reuben Clements and Andrew Fan argue that If we want to have a cooler future, sacrificing more forests for urban development is no longer a viable option.

Commentary: UMNO’s in no shape to play kingmaker in Malaysia

Governance Studies Ops
Prof. James Chin says Anwar Ibrahim may have opted not to call for a bloc vote because he did not have the number of MPs needed.

TWOAS: A bold experiment to increase women’s representation

Governance Studies Ops
Prof Wong Chin Huat weighs in on increasing the number and the role of female representatives in Malaysia's Parliament.

my Say: In a pandemic, science and statesmanship must tactically converge

Governance Studies Ops
Dr Ooi comments that while scientists are not necessarily proficient in handling a public pandemic, politicians do not excel in being their managers either.

Commentary: Malaysia’s political chess games are not over

Governance Studies Ops
Dr Ooi Kee Beng examines Malaysia from a longer historical vantage point, coupled with the recognition that political opportunism is rampant when a power structure is at the point of collapse.