As an academic institution, JCI and its resident research fellows and associates regular write and issue publications.


Monographs and edited volumes represent the in-depth expertise and effort of our JCI fellows.

External Publications

Extended Producer Responsibility Policy Review Report 2021

January, 2021
Publication date: June 2021 | Length of paper: 83 pages | ISBN: TBCAnnually, Malaysia generates approximately 14 million tonnes of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). 43.7% of that consists of dry…

STEM Literacy as Disaster Literacy: the Malaysian Nuclear Story

January, 2020
AbstractAs a new member of the (since late January 2017) while also embarking into the new (or next) phase of my nuclear history in Malaysia project, I thought it would be timely to…

Not Everyone Wants Roads: Assessing Indigenous People’s Support for Roads in a Globally Important Tiger Conservation Landscape

January, 2020
AbstractRoad development in the tropics is fraught with economic, socio-political, and environmental risks (Alamgir et al.2017). Roads have helped alleviate rural poverty to some extent (Jones 2006…

Terrestrial mammal responses to oil palm dominated landscapes in Colombia

January, 2020
AbstractThe rapid expansion of oil palm cultivation in the Neotropics has generated great debate around possible biodiversity impacts. Colombia, for example, is the largest producer of oil palm in…

Carnivore hotspots in Peninsular Malaysia and their landscape attributes

January, 2020
AbstractMammalian carnivores play a vital role in ecosystem functioning. However, they are prone to extinction because of low population densities and growth rates, and high levels of persecution or…

The road to currency internationalization: Global perspectives and chinese experience

January, 2020
AbstractThis paper studies international currency use in financial transactions. A currency becomes international when it circulates outside of its issuing country, and advances to vehicle currency…

Trade, finance and international currency

January, 2020
AbstractCurrency choices in international trade are related to the depth of financial markets, especially in the provision of trade finance. This paper examines: (i) how this financial channel…