Governance Studies


Peace, justice, effective, accountable and inclusive institutions are at the core of sustainable development.


Our governance studies provides policy-relevant research aimed at strengthening governance, democracy and inclusivity across the region.

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JCI-JSC-ASLI Webinar: Change of Tides? - Germany's 2021 Election Explained

For this election, how do the tides change and what trends and endeavours explain such change? What were the strategy debates that led to the positioning of German parties- and what can we learn from this?

ASLI Webinar: MOU - A Pathway to Transformation and Stability?

Will the first ever Malaysian "Memorandum of Understanding for Transformation and Political Stability" work to transform and professionalise its Parliament?

A Roadmap for Parliamentary Reform For and Beyond The Pandemic

YB Azalina Othman Said outlines a roadmap of parliamentary reform that the new government should undertake to better fight Covid-19 and professionalise Malaysian politics.

Dynamic Economic Development & Shared Prosperity: The Penang Way

Penang Chief Minister YAB Chow Kon Yeow delivers an address outlining developments for Penang.

Why Is It So Hard to Push Chinese High Speed-Railway Projects In Southeast Asia?

Dr Guanie Lim argues that Malaysia is able to implement its high-speed railway faster than Indonesia because of the way our political decision-making has been structured.

Malaysian Trolls: Internet-based Political Trolling as the New Normal in Malaysian Politics

Dr Clarissa Lee, address different forms of internet political trolling triggered by events before and after the 14th Malaysian General Elections.

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Has COVID-19 revolutionised our education system?

Education & Social Studies Ops
Governance Studies Ops
Karen Chand opines if the Malaysian education system reflect the type of society that we want.

Melaka a testing ground for Umno-Bersatu fight, say analysts

Governance Studies Press
Prof. James Chin was cited expressing surprise over how the budgetary no confidence vote was conducted.

Not naming CM-designate could cost PH, say analysts

Governance Studies Press
Prof Wong Chin Huat said with PM Muhyiddin putting politics before the pandemic, it may just make him an easier target at the next general election.

Malaysia suspended its democracy to combat the virus, now it’s even worse

Governance Studies Press
Prof. James Chin believes most Malaysians would give Muhyiddin the benefit of the doubt over the state of emergency but said COVID-19 had “served this backdoor government very well”.

Possible Warisan-PBS tie-up has tongues wagging in Sabah

Governance Studies Press
Prof Wong Chin Huat believes Warisan’s preference to partner with PBS has nothing to do with PBS being a local party and UMNO not being local.

PM’s youth advisory group won’t quell discontent, says analyst

Governance Studies Press
Prof Wong Chin Huat said even the proposed prime minister-level youth advisory group, will do little to quell unhappiness over the government’s performance.