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EAEA-17: Pre-Conference Update -- Live and Ready

The conference is ready to receive participants for a productive discussion and networking.

EAEA-17: Registration and Paper Submission Now Open

EAEA-17 participants may now register for the conference and for uploading papers on a one-stop event platform for all event related needs.

EAEA-17 Update: Extended Registration and Paper Deadlines

Upcoming EAEA-17 deadlines have been extended to 22 July (for registration), and 10 August (for paper submission).

Confirmed Conference Fee Schedule for EAEA-17

Confirmed Conference Fee Schedule for EAEA-17

Official EAEA-17 Flyer and Abstract Submission Extension (FINAL)

The 17th EAEA convention has extended the deadline for paper proposals to 6 June. Submit your economics and sustainability abstracts today.

Shocking That Child Hunger Still An Issue in Malaysia

Malaysians were shocked when two Myanmar children died after eating out of the trash in Langkawi recently. Derek Kok advocates for Universal Child Grants.

Melaka a testing ground for Umno-Bersatu fight, say analysts

Governance Studies Press
Prof. James Chin was cited expressing surprise over how the budgetary no confidence vote was conducted.

Not naming CM-designate could cost PH, say analysts

Governance Studies Press
Prof Wong Chin Huat said with PM Muhyiddin putting politics before the pandemic, it may just make him an easier target at the next general election.

Trade and investment the key

Economic Studies Press
Prof Yeah said Malaysia’s success in the 90s now needs to be tempered with effective implementation strategies, programmes and initiatives formulated in RMK-12.

Crafting the right strategies

Economic Studies Press
Yeah Kim Leng said an investment-centred strategic thrust, comprising strategies to attract domestic and foreign direct investment, could be developed.

Inflation risk

Economic Studies Press
According to Yeah, Malaysia needs to be vigilant against imported inflation and global price shocks, even though the threat is rather limited.

Tough to regulate online gambling, says economist

Economic Studies Press
Yeah Kim Leng of Sunway University said regulating and licensing online gambling would ensure that the country does not lose its tax revenue.