Experiments in Disruptive Innovation in Malaysian Higher Education

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Disruptive Innovation: Abolishing AUKU and Business Remodelling of Malaysian Universities

Higher education worldwide is facing serious challenges posed both by the advancement of technologies, public erosion in the value of education and the ever increasing costs and funding issues. Unfortunately education is one sector that has been very slow to change to adapt to the challenges of the day, especially in respect of technological advancement. Other sectors of the economy have changed and rapidly adapted. The proposed planned changes advocated by the new government of Malaysia is a welcomed disruptive innovation in the education industry which may be the required impetus to advance the Malaysian education industry to ensure its own survival. Among the most significant imminent change is the proposed abolishment of AUKU (University and University Colleges Act), new governance structure and the financing model of public universities. This seminar will discuss these issues and suggests key factors to be looked at by the policy makers in order to yield a competitive and vibrant higher education landscape.

University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering (UNIMY): Aspiration versus Reality

UNIMY is a 5-year old boutique university focusing on everything ICT. It is envisioned to be a place for millennial to discover infinite possibilities driven by their dreams and passion. A team of anti-disciplinary expertise loosely joint together has been assembled to produce the ‘X-men’. Embracing the Internet philosophy of an Open-platform, UNIMY promote multi-disciplinary collaboration driven by entrepreneurial values. The ultimate idea is to disrupt the delivery of talent to the IT industry, innovate in the delivery of education itself and address the talent need of the industry by producing highly qualified talents that are ready and relevant. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prestariang Berhad, UNIMY is also expected to contribute positively to the bottomline of the group. After 5 years of establishment, UNIMY has yet to achieve breakeven and to make a significant impact in the ICT Industry. This talk will address the challenging journey of setting up a new boutique university and the adjustments required in order to achieve its dream.

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