Shocking That Child Hunger Still An Issue in Malaysia

Shocking That Child Hunger Still An Issue in Malaysia

“One thing to note is that it doesn’t mean a person does not get to eat, but it can also mean eating incorrectly,” he told theSun.

He added that while many B40 children may seem obese, creating the assumption they have enough food, their physical appearance could mean they are regularly consuming food high in carbohydrates and sugar just to fill their stomachs, and nothing else.

“An example would be eating plain rice and drinking sugared water.”

Cheah added that hunger in whatever form in Malaysia is predominantly economic-based and due to poverty.

“Our country has more than sufficient food supply. (The problem is) the factor of affordability when it comes to hungry children,” he said, adding that hunger is a huge global issue faced by many countries with a large refugee and illegal immigration population.

He also said with the complications presented by the various underlying issues, it is not easy to find a solution.

This article first appeared in The Sun on 16 February 2022.

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