Dr Sitara Karim Featured in Study International

Dr Sitara Karim

Sunway University's own Dr Sitara Karim was recently featured in an article on Study International. The piece takes a look at the challenges and difficulties faced by Dr Sitara and other women in the finance industry. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"At nine years old, she would step up to the blackboard and lead her all-girls class when the teacher wasn’t around, earning praise from the school’s principal for her actions. Later, she graduated from high school with an A+ grade, earning high scores for her college’s pre-medical programme’s entrance exam but fell short in the selection.

She then switched to a Bachelor of Arts in Education simply because “it was very easy to do it in one year” when the usual duration was two before completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance.

She did well but relatives brushed her success off as “luck” or the class being too easy.

“I won’t say it was by luck because, in our religion (Islam) and belief, we call that the Will of God,” says Dr Karim. “So, by the Will of God, I topped in my first semester.”

In the remaining six semesters, Dr Karim continued to score good grades. “Again, it was by the Will of God because I was continuously asking from him and putting in my efforts,” she says.

And she didn’t stop there – Dr Karim’s goal was to teach at the university level, a role that required a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. "

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