Fostering Health & Sustainability: MyWASSH Health Check 2023 with Sunway University’s Campus with a Conscience event


In collaboration with the Sunway University Campus with a Conscience 2023 event, MyWASSH conducted a health check event embodied to the commitment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)-3: “Good Health and Well Being”. The event, held from the 18th – 22nd of September 2023 prioritized the health and well-being of the community within the university. 

With the support of our members as well as the wonderful students from the school of nursing, a total of 700+ participants had their blood pressure and body composition measured over the 5 days. 

This event exhibited a noticeable interest in the younger generation with their body composition and health. It reflects a generation that values preventive health measures, demonstrating commitment to optimize their well-being from an early age. 

We at MyWASSH are committed to bridge the gap between health, education and global impact. Individual well-being can be a catalyst for a global positive change!