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Design and Rationale of the DECIDE-Salt Trial

Impact of Salt Substitute and Stepwise Reduction of Salt Supply on Blood Pressure in Residents in Senior Residential Facilities

Design and Rationale of the DECIDE-Salt Trial

First World Health Organization report on devastating impact of Hypertension

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released its inaugural report addressing the global impact of high blood pressure, a pervasive and potentially deadly health issue.

Just released! Lifestyle management of hypertension: ISH position paper endorsed by the WHL and ESH

This paper, put together by experts around the world reviewed and made recommendations for lifestyle changes that are beneficial for lowering blood pressure and preventing the onset of hypertension.

Some Facts about Salt

Fakta mengenai garam di Malaysia! Terima kasih Dr. Beh Hooi Chin untuk perkongsian ini! #mywassh #takmasinituok #SedapTakSemestinyaMasin #ShaketheHabit Click here for more.

How Much Do You Know About Salt?

Sharing some facts about salt in three languages - English, Mandarin and Tamil. Several videos in various languages on facts about salt by Dr Choong Jin Ian, Dr Leong Ya Shan and Dr Powell Roy Louis.  Dr Choong Jin Ian sharing some facts about salt in English. Dr. Leong Ya Shan sharing some facts…

Diet and Diabetes, Are They Related?

Let us talk about diet and diabetes. The following is the story of a diabetic patient with a first HbA1C of 14.1% followed by 11.7% after six months, which indicated that her diabetes wasn't well controlled. An HbA1C test is a blood test that measures average blood glucose levels over the past…

Sodium Reduction: Individual or Community-wide?

Non communicable diseases (NCD) are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, contributing to more than 38 million deaths annually. The four major disease group include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers and chronic respiratory diseases accounting for more than 80% of all NCD…

Is My Food Salty? Ikan Pekasam

The following is my personal experience working in Klinik Kesihatan Pengkalan Hulu. I noticed that some of my patients were consuming foods high in sugar and salt. One example is a fish product called Ikan Pekasam, which can be found in the northern half of the peninsula in states such as Perak. It…