Knowledge and Learning

To position the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health as a thought leader, we bring two flagship programmes:

  • Knowledge Creation and Mobilisation (KCM) programme, to enhance academic knowledge and understanding of planetary health
  • Learning for Change (L4C) programme, to translate academic discourse into actionable advocacy.



knowledge creation and mobilisation


KCM focuses on planetary health education and research designed to advance progress in tackling the pressing questions on the health of people and the planet. The programme will contribute to an enhanced academic understanding of planetary health initially for Sunway University’s community and thereafter other academic institutions in Asia and the Pacific.


knowledge creation and mobilisation graph



learning for change l4c


L4C translates the academic outputs of KCM into products and tools that can be used for planetary health advocacy across Asia and the Pacific. In support of this programme, the Centre’s communications strategy leverages mainstream and social media for knowledge mobilisation, promoting learning, helping partners and advocates to extend their reach, and ensuring that people understand what the Centre is aiming to achieve and how they can become part of the story.


learning for change graph