Planetary Health Summit 2024 (PHAM 2024)

Planetary Health Summit 2024 (PHAM 2024)

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The Planetary Health Annual Meeting (PHAM) is a global convening of scientists, policymakers, educators, young leaders, the private sector, and concerned planetary citizens.

Held every 18 months, it aims to connect this global community, seek solutions for the grand challenges facing humanity, and provide tools and drivers to support systemic change.

Its past five events have brought together thousands of leaders from over 130 countries in gatherings held in the United States, Scotland, and Brazil. 

Recognizing the key role that Asia plays in planetary health challenges and solutions, PHAM 2024 will be the first of its kind to be held in Southeast Asia. Malaysia is proud to be the host of PHAM 2024 with the theme of “From Evidence to Action: Confronting Reality”, led by the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health at Sunway University, Kuala Lumpur.  

Through an innovative agenda which will include experiential learning through trips into Malaysian nature, keynote speeches, cartoon capture of key discussions and a PHA membership-led series of side events and lightening talks, as well as presentation of a new Planetary Health Roadmap, PHAM2024 will acknowledge and internalize the fact that its roots in academia now position it well to be transformative.

To rise to this challenge planetary health must become transdisciplinary and grounded on partnerships and collaboration with other health-based solutions movements, such as One Health and Environmental Health, and fully joined up with and engaged in regional and global processes, especially those being managed by regional and sub-regional organizations and the United Nations such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and successor arrangements, summits called by the Secretary-General, such as the 2024 Summit for the Future, and work led by the UN’s Resident Coordinators at country level.  

In this 6th installation of the Planetary Health Annual Meeting, the message will be clear: For science to be transformational, it must be crafted for action and communicated in ways that the public can understand and decision-makers can act on. 

Join us at the Planetary Health Summit 2024 and 6th Annual Meeting and be part of the global effort to address the pressing environmental, social, and economic challenges facing human and planetary health. Kindly fill in the form to find out more on the summit.

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