Water Sector Transformation Agenda 2040 (WST2040)



Water plays a critical role towards social and economic development. However, with rapid urbanization and development, Malaysia’s water woes have steadily increased, such as floods, water pollution, and supply interruptions. To address this, Sunway IGSC was appointed as a strategic partner by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia to work on the Roadmap for the National Agenda on Water Sector Transformation 2040 Development Study in 2020. During the two-year period, a total of eight expert groups including Sunway IGSC were tasked with developing a roadmap to transform the domestic water sector into a vibrant and dynamic economic sector that is a major enabler and contributor to Malaysia’s GDP.

The team at Sunway conducted focus group discussions with 73 stakeholders and surveyed a total of 900 participants (500 from industry and 600 public citizens) to gather the perspectives of Malaysians regarding the water sector advising the design of the roadmap. Since its launch, WST2040 has been incorporated into the 12th Malaysia Plan and will be implemented across a 20-year timespan.

Know more about this project at: https://wst2040.my/