Research Overview



RESEARCH CREATION in the School of Arts

Research- Creation marks a relatively progressive view in Malaysia that values in principle the work of artists and humanists potentially on the same ground or economy as those working in finance, oil, food, pharmaceutical, and entertainment industries. SoA takes this as an opportunity to freshly examine how to value that activity in sustainable ways in the knowledge economy. As the affinities between artistic invention and technical innovation are increasingly noted, so are the hopes and problems associated with such cooperation. Many of the hopes are pinned on the trans-disciplinarity this signals and is embedded in much of the research output of the School. Thus the direction of this approach is the hybrid of academic research and artistic/creative expression and exploration. It embraces all media art forms and communication vernaculars cutting across the research interests of our staff. It empowers actualized knowledge creation, based on sound research practices.

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things but their inward significance.” - Aristotle

The School of Arts staff have varied and highly recognized research interests cutting across all of our departments in addition to our two Research Centres. For details please refer to our individual staff profiles.

The Centre for Research-Creation in Digital Media - visit it here.

The Centre for South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies - visit it here.


Research Themes

  • Media and the Digital World
  • Creative Practices and the Creative Economy
  • Culture and Heritage - Material Culture
  • Migration of Peoples, Cultures and Ideas
  • Comparative Musical Traditions
  • The Future of Social Media
  • Arts and Communication
  • Sustainable Cities