School of Arts Courses

School of Arts Courses


Diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design

Our Diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design aims to provide graduates with a broad-based education that’s industry oriented. The programme also helps develop advanced skills while encouraging entrepreneurship as well as driving creativity and innovation among our students.

Diploma in Interior Design

This programme allows you to explore the art and science of enhancing interior spaces to make them aesthetically pleasing to the end user. Interior spaces no longer just meet functional and practical requirements, they are crucial to how we experience life, work and play.

Diploma in Performing Arts

Our Diploma in Performing Arts interdisciplinary curriculum covers two major disciplines: theatre and film. Over two years, students rigorously develop their knowledge and hone their fundamental skills in relation to both disciplines: onstage, backstage, in front of the camera, and behind the scenes. Students are supported by a diverse,…


BA (Hons) in Advertising and Branding

The BA [Hons] in Advertising and Branding degree programme aims to nurture creative thinkers with the skills and knowledge to investigate, analyse, conceptualise and present visual information and creative ideas. Students will acquire the necessary depth and breadth of specialised and contextual knowledge to address a range of appropriate…

BA (Hons) in Communication

This exciting and high-impact communication programme is designed to produce employable industry-ready graduates in Corporate Communication and Public Relations. This innovative, holistic, and creative programme works closely with industry practitioners to reinforce knowledge learnt in the classroom in project-based learning.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Theatre Production

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Theatre Production is a rigorous programme covering contemporary theatre-making's dynamic practice. Students can expect to hone and sharpen their craft in performance, directing, devising design, and production management. This practice is supported by critical studies of history, context, and theory.

BA (Hons) Design Communication

The 21st century communication designer is one who not only develops a message content for printed or electronic media, with emphasis on aesthetics in media, but also has the ability to create new media channels to ensure the message reaches its target audience.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Contemporary Music (Audio Technology)

This programme aims to train versatile musicians and music producers. It is both a technical and creative degree programme, providing you with solid music theory and academic knowledge, while developing your skills in audio technology through studio practice and interdisciplinary collaborative projects. Subjects and areas covered include…

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Digital Film Production

The BA (Hons) Digital Film Production explores the creative and professional aspects of film production including short film and documentary, scriptwriting, sound design, acting, transmedia content creation, post-production, entrepreneurship and internship with the widest and most value-added applications.

BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture

The BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture is an exciting programme designed for students who seek to become innovative interior architecture professionals of the 21st century. Spanning a period of 3 and 1/2 years, you will engage in various aspects of design for interior environments and develop skills which enable you to contribute to the profession…

BA (Hons) Music Performance

The BA (Hons) Music Performance is focused on Western art music, with training in practical musicianship, music theory, and academic knowledge. It is a practice-based, creative degree programme in which you would be expected to practice individually, rehearse in ensembles, and perform in both contexts. During your studies, you will also gain…


PhD in Creative Arts and Media

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Creative Arts and Media provides students with an opportunity to carry out interdisciplinary research at an advanced level. Graduates of this programme will be well-positioned to become leading figures in fields related to the School of Arts.

MA in Visual Communication and Media Studies

Communications and Media are an ever growing and changing part of the world we live in. Be it Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, your favourite online game, or an interactive installation you just saw in a museum, media messaging is a part of your life. Today, these messages are formulated around narratives. In all forms of media, we see the shaping of…

Master of Arts in Creative Arts and Media

The Master of Arts in Creative Arts and Media provides students with an opportunity to carry out interdisciplinary research and contribute new understanding and insights to disciplines aligned with the School of Arts.