Associate Professor Dr Pauline Leong Pooi Yin

Associate Professor Dr Pauline Leong Pooi Yin

  • Associate Professor and Head
Department of Communication
SDGs Focus


Associate Professor Dr Pauline Pooi Yin Leong received her PhD in Political Communication from Monash University and Master’s in Mass Communication from Nanyang Technological University where she was awarded the Pearson Education Gold Medal Award for Best Graduating Student. A qualified lawyer by training, she was previously a journalist at Singapore Straits Times. She is the author of Malaysian Politics in the New Media Age: Implications on the Political Communication Process, a book by Springer. She was a visiting fellow with ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore under the Media, Technology, and Society programme (2021/2022). 

Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • PhD in Political Communication, Monash University, Malaysia (2015)
  • Master in Communication, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2004)
  • Postgraduate Law Course, Board of Legal Education, Singapore (1996)
  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons), National University of Singapore, Singapore (1996)

Research Interests

  • Digital media and politics
  • Media literacy
  • Journalism
  • Propaganda and disinformation

Teaching Areas

  • Law and Ethics in Communication
  • Political Communication
  • Digital Media Communication
  • Journalism

Courses Taught

  • Law and Ethics in Communication
  • Political Communication
  • Principles of Mass Communication
  • Communication Research Methods

Notable Publications

  1. Leong, P.P.Y. (2022, 29 July). Tech giants grapple with content moderation in South-east Asia. The Straits Times: Singapore. 
  2. Leong, P.P.Y. (2022, 27 July). Content moderation of social media in Southeast Asia: Contestations and control. Fulcrum: Analysis on Southeast Asia. 
  3. Leong, P.P.Y. (2021). Digital Mediatization and the Sharpening of Malaysian Political Contests. ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute.
  4. Leong, P.P.Y. (2021). Hashtag campaigns during the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia: Escalating from online to offline. ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute.
  5. Louis, D. G. J., Devadass, C., Leong, P.P.Y., Perry, M.S. & Lee, Y. B. (2021). Psychological impact and the use of religious coping among Malaysian Catholic older adults. In Louis, D. G. J., Kaur, S. & Huey, F. C., (Eds.), COVID-19 and Psychology in Malaysia: Psychosocial Effects, Coping, and Resilience. Routledge.
  6. Leong, P.P.Y. (2021). Communicating responsibly through social media. In Kuek, S. (Ed.), The Digital Continent: Responsible Communication in a Pandemicised World (pp. 59–80). Christian Institute for Theological Engagement (CHRISTE).  
  7. Leong, P. P. Y. (2021). Digital media: An emerging barometer of public opinion in Malaysia.  Perspective, (38). 
  8. Leong, P.P.Y. (2020). Communicating faith digitally during Covid-19: An overview of the Catholic community in Peninsular Malaysia. In Kuek, S. (Ed.), Hope for Humanity: Spiritual Immunity in a Pandemicised World (pp.15-28). Christian Institute for Theological Engagement (CHRISTE). 
  9. Leong, P.P.Y. (2020, December). Digital democracy in Malaysia. In ASEANFocus, (4), (pp. 14). 
  10. Leong, P.P.Y. (2019, 9 September). The impact of new media on free speech in Malaysia. The Edge Weekly.

Achievements & Accolades

  1. Organised a 2-part webinar series on "Balancing the Free Speech Tightrope: Moderating Social Media in Southeast Asia"
    - Session 1: Moderating the Global Social Media Information Ecosystem (Panelists = Google, Meta, Twitter) - moderator
    - Session 2: Moderating Social Media Communities - Issues and Challenges (Panelists = editors of online news agencies from Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand)  
  2. Visiting Fellowship with ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute (Sept 2021-Feb 2022)
  3. Christian Institute for Theological Engagement (CHRISTE) grant 2022: Are Malaysian and Singaporean Christians flocking back to church or flying away? A comparative study on Christian Churches in Malaysia and Singapore in the COVID-19 recovery phase.
  4. Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) – Constructing a Cultural Map of Food Transculturalism amongst Malaysian Youths (Project Code FRGS/1/2020/WAB12/UKM/02/1)

Professional Associations

  1. Qualitative Research Association of Malaysia (QRAM) – Expert Resource
  2. Signis (World Catholic Association for Communication) – Malaysia 
  3. Southeast Asian Media Studies Association (SEAMSA)


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