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APEL for Credit Award, known as APEL.C was developed by MQA to support the lifelong learning by recognizing the value of learning that takes place beyond the formal classroom settings as well as learning that occur throughout work and life experiences; regardless of when, where and how it was acquired. 

APEL.C provides the mechanism to recognize the individual’s prior experiential learning that is relevant and specific to a course within a programme of study. The credit award is granted on the basis of knowledge and skills acquired through non-formal and informal learning.

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To support the Malaysian Education Blue Print for Higher Education 2015 to 2025 as a Nation of Life Long Learners; the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) has created the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Credit Award - APEL C. It is a pathway into Higher Education programmes by recognizing individuals who have acquired non-formal and informal learning in their work and life experiences.

Sunway University is committed in providing recognition and opportunity to learners of all ages who constantly seek learning opportunities to enrich themselves by opening academic opportunities through the Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning 

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What is the APEL.C application process?

Sunway University students can apply for the APEL.C process by attending an APEL.C briefing session and completing a Self-Assessment form. The Self-Assessment form evaluates student's readiness to undergo the APEL.C process. If eligible, the student will then be tasked with a portfolio submission or challenge test to complete. Upon completing the evaluation, the student will then obtain credit(s) based on their experiential learning!

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Am I eligible for APEL.C?

You are eligible for APEL.C if you:​ ​

  • are a local or an international student of Sunway University;​
  • have gained entry into Sunway University's programmes through either the conventional or APEL.A route;​
  • are undertaking courses including courses from postgraduate programmes that are 100% coursework or mixed modes.
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What are the criteria for Credit Awards?

  • Students should demonstrate an achievement of at least 50% of each Course Learning Outcome to satisfy credit award requirements

  • Credit awarded is on the basis of the knowledge and skills acquired through informal and non-formal learning and not solely on claiming experience itself. Students are evaluated based on learning, not experience.

  • Credits awarded through APEL.C can be transferred automatically to another programme within Sunway University if the course for credits awarded through APEL.C has the same learning outcomes.

  • Credit awarded must be equivalent to the credit value of the course applied for APEL.C. Partial credit awards will not be allowed.

  • Credits awarded are only applicable for the course applied.

  • Credits awarded are not automatically applicable to prerequisites (If any) of the specific course.

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Learner's Handbook for APEL.C

Want to learn more about the APEL.C process?

Click here to download a copy of Sunway University’s APEL.C Learners’ Handbook.