About PACE

Principal Activities


PACE focuses on three primary areas – Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL), Online Distance Learning (ODL) , and Micro-credential and Short Courses (credit bearing and non-credit bearing) in order to promote a culture of lifelong learning and providing opportunities to further academic goals of individuals.


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Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning or APEL is a systematic process involving the identification, documentation and assessment of prior experiential learning to determine how an individual’s learning experiences contribute toward meeting the desired learning outcomes of a programme of study (APEL.A) or for the award of credits (APEL.C).

Due to the rigorous economic demands for constant lifelong learning towards supporting Digital 4.0 skills, an urgency for Micro-credential support is more needed. Micro-credentials are short, professional skills focused learning chunks designed to cater to industry demands. Micro-credentials provide learners opportunities to gain certification upon completion to help support their career goals and employability.

Sunway University offers a flexible and accessible route toward programme completion by providing an online distance learning (ODL) mode of delivery for learners to achieve their academic pursuits. Choose from a variety of industry-pertinent ODL programme line-up.