Desa Mentari

About Desa Mentari

Nestled in Selangor, Malaysia, the Desa Mentari locality is a vibrant community that mirrors the nation's rich diversity. Situated approximately 2 km away from Sunway City, Desa Mentari comprises 10 blocks of 11-12 storey and 16-18 storey buildings. It is a testament to the government's dedication to addressing housing challenges through low-cost housing schemes. Despite experiencing delays and residing in temporary shelters during construction, the community has displayed resilience and adaptability.

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About Desa Mentari

The Project

Sunway Desa Mentari Programme

The Desa Mentari Project shines as a beacon of innovation and community empowerment amidst Malaysia's rapid industrialization. This pivotal initiative reflects a profound commitment to ensuring equitable progress, particularly for urban populations grappling with displacement and urban ghettoization challenges.

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Focus Areas for a Transformative Impact

Check out the four areas of focus for a transformation impact under the Sunway Desa Mentari Programme: Education & Training; Research & Development; Community Development; and Community Observatory Cohort Study.

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Key Thematic Areas

The project channels its resources into six pivotal themes, each designed to tackle specific facets of the community's challenges while harnessing opportunities for growth and development.

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