Green Projects

Sunway’s involvement in climate change mitigation, adaptation, natural resource conservation, biodiversity conservation, and pollution prevention and control through research, outreach programmes, community involvement and many more reflect Sunway University’s commitment to upholding eligible green projects in the face of environmental degradation. 

What is Sunway Doing?


Ongoing Projects

Increasing Energy efficiency (Scope 2)  

The University’s energy is supplied from both renewable and non-renewable sources. Purchased energy is supplied by the national power supplier – TNB and is derived from a mixture of hydroelectric and thermal plants. The University is still largely reliant on purchased energy. The plans to increase energy efficiency has been focused on reducing wastage and replacing non-efficient appliances at the earliest availability. 


Reducing Energy wastage

Internal Energy Audits and action plan – Internal Energy Audits are carried out annually to identify energy wastage points 


Transportation and commuting (Scope 3)

A sustainable commuting plan is vital to the University's landscape.

With an increasing campus population annually, the University has invested in infrastructure that is pedestrian-friendly to ensure the minimal number of vehicles entering the campus and that all areas on campus are accessible on foot.

Read More about our Transportation Policy


The parking area on campus has not been increased since 2016 as public transport options are constantly developed and promoted.  

Read More about BRT-Sunway Line

Read More about Sunway's Free Shuttle Bus Service


Waste reduction (Scope 3)

Sustainable behaviour

Waste separation bins are placed throughout the campus. Recyclable waste are accumulated at the 3R Store (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) before they are sent to recycling vendors. Read more about our waste management journey here.




University food waste from kitchen scraps are collected daily for composting. The composting machine uses a Rapid Thermophilic Digestion method to breakdown organic materials into compost.  Read more about our composting efforts here.

food waste separation

Completed Projects 

Renewable energy project (Scope 2) 

As part of the University's shift towards reducing usage of energy from non-renewable sources, the solar project was introduced in 2019. Located at the equator, Malaysia enjoys an average of 12 hours of daylight through the year. Taking full advantage of this, the University installed photo voltaic solar panes on the building rooftops. Solar energy usage contributes approximately seven to nine percent of the university's energy usage. Read more about the solar project here.

Rainwater harvesting (Scope 3) 

Purchased water supply indirectly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce this emission, and the constraint on the limited clean water for human consumption, the rainwater harvesting system was implemented in 2017. The rainwater is used for non-potable purposes such as landscape irrigation on campus, and outdoor cleaning of campus grounds.  In 2020, 817m3 of water was saved through rainwater harvesting.  

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Related Policies


Activities/ Student-led Initiatives


Sustainable Bazaar @ Boulevard! 

Keep track of our Annual Sustainable Bazaar where you can find small local businesses, second hand stalls as well as innovative eco businesses.






Related Stories

Activities / News

Creating a Cleaner and Greener Planet One Seed at a Time

Students from the Sunway Environmental Society conducted the Sunway University Prospectus Planting Initiative where they planted the first page of the university prospectus, which was made from recycled paper embedded with seeds.

Earth Day 2020: Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Malaysia Conversation on What is Happiness?

In conjunction with Earth Day 2020, the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Malaysian chapter brought together insights from five distinguished experts across different disciplines and social backgrounds to expand on the notion of happiness in an era of sustainable…

Five Ways You Can Safeguard Malaysia’s Forests

Primary rainforests are important for biodiversity and store more carbon than other forest types.

Sustainability Green Talk Series

iLabs will be hosting a Green Talks series until December 2019 on the following topics: sustainable hotels, sustainable facilities and building management, sustainable interior design, sustainable construction and architecture, sustainable manufacturing and industrial operations, ethical…

50 Acts of Sustainability

50 Acts of Sustainability started out as a simple initiative, hoping to influence Sunway students to start making small changes in their daily lives for the benefit of the environment,” comments Vivian Beh Wei Ean, Secretary of Sunway College Student Council. This social media campaign was…

Energy Efficiency & Carbon Footprint Reduction 2016 – 2020 Projects

Since 2016 three energy projects have been successfully executed.

Herb Garden

A Green Initiative to grow different type of herbs which will be used by the Sunway Le Cordon Bleu, Institute of Culinary Arts as well as the School of Hospitality.

SDG Rock the Goals Concert with UN Malaysia (2019)

In a massive effort to gather leaders and the community to create awareness and drive the nation towards the achievement of the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), Sunway Education Group partnered UN Malaysia to stage ‘Shine a Light on Sustainability: Rock the Goals 2019…

Students for Sustainability: Bringing Knowledge to the Ground

In conjunction with Sunway’s dedication in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Sunway University Student Council (SUSC) has organised the SDG Awareness Month to raise awareness and involve students in localising the SDGs. The initiative served to facilitate the…

Sunway College Takes Going Green One Step Further (2017)

Taking the going green initiative one step further, Sunway College collaborated with Rentwise early this year to sponsor 30 sets of refurbished Dell desktops and LCD monitors to Sekolah Kebangsaan St Mary in Kuala Lumpur.

TV Digital Signage Rollout for Campus Wide (2016)

IT Services have embarked slowly to turn conventional paper notices to electronically information by rolling out TV digital signage for front liner departments.

SEG MFD Printers Go Green Features (2015)

We have replaced current printers/Multi-Function Devices with a totally new upgraded fleet.