SDG Library Exhibition: SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

sdg library exhibition

In conjunction with every annual Local Action for Global Goals campaign, the University hosted this year's public SDG Exhibition at the University library.  With free admission, students, staff and  the general public alike visited the exhibition to learn more about what each SDG truly stands for as well as the world's progress in reaching the goal.

This library exhibition aims to educate the community on how to care and be conscious about water as a finite resource. With the use of a poster canvas, visitors can learn what the current pressing issues surrounding water management are, as well as what steps to take next.

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation in particular has our University working on water regulations throughout the building, focused research on accessible and clean water for our campus community as well as for the marginalised public community, and many more. 

sdg 6

The information on this SDG was presented on a canvas right by the library's main entrance so the audience could be easily immersed in a physical learning space. 

The information spanned across the large canvas ranged from facts and figures to stories and existing campaigns that amplify the issues of clean and accessible water. 

An introduction to SDG 6 which breaks down the specific metrics, specifically the ones that our University is most aligned with through our sustainable initiatives.

The canvas reflects the global figures for lack of access to clean water as well as where Malaysia stands in the world.

We learn that our country is expected to face the worst drought in the coming years along with water consumption rates that are above the recommended rate.

Sunway University's role in combatting and minimising the effects of these national issues can be seen through our research and operations. 

Our research includes water security and conservation efforts by our School of Medical and Life Sciences, who are involved in a project to ensure clean and safe water consumption coming from our very own Sunway South Quay Lake. 

In terms of operations, our university utilises our tropical climate by including a rainwater harvesting system to recycle rainwater for watering landscapes and cleaning purposes.

The canvas ends with ways the audience can directly involve themselves to support and practice water conservation throughout campus as well as at home.

The canvas has a QR code to introduce the audience to online tools that measure your water footprint, followed by guidance on how to effectively lower our collective footprint as either a campus or a public community.

On-campus action includes following the guidelines set by the University to efficiently use our water resources. 

Users are encouraged with reminders in washrooms to turn on taps when necessary along with washroom fixtures such as sensor taps and the dual flush system.

Building a caring and compassionate community is kickstarted with educational activities similar to this, that our university strives to continuously provide.