What We Do: Construction

What is Sustainable Construction?

Sustainable Construction uses construction methods that reduce the impact on the environment. The energy, resources and loss of habitat that occurs during construction can be heavily detrimental. Informed and conscious choices need to be made to mitigate this harmful impact.  In carrying out the construction process, ideas such as connectivity and transport and net zero operational carbon should be included. 

What We Do: Construction

Focus Areas


• Sunway Construction QESH Policy
In the process of building and developing all projects including Sunway University, Sunway Construction addresses climate change by complying to their QESH Policy which has strict regulatory compliance and management practices. Their aim is to prevent environmental pollution, ensure good stewardship in waste management and improve awareness on environmentally friendly practices.

All of their project sites are certified with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ensuring stringent policy implementation, regular monitoring and target-setting for performance evaluation.

Sunway Construction QESH Policy

• Sustainable Intelligent Transport Ecosystem (SITE)
Sunway University is integrated into Sunway City’s SITE. Sunway’s SITE comprising seven Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations, 4.3 kilometres of elevated canopy walkway, integrated car parks, and smart parking form an extensive mobility network that connects the township from end to end, bringing residences, retail, and public amenities closer so people can live, learn, work, play and stay connected in a healthy and safe environment. An assessment from Monash University Malaysia shows that the portion of the canopy walk reaching Sunway Pyramid from Sunway University saves up to 144,648 kg of CO2, the equivalent of planting 6888 trees. More on Sunway’s SITE can be found here.

Elevated canopy walkway



• Research Centre for Nano-Materials and Energy Technology
This Centre led by Distinguished Research Professor Saidur Rahman, who ranked in the top 1% highly cited Researchers according to Clarivate Analytics, aims to be a leading research Centre in nanomaterials, energy efficiency and sustainable energy through innovative research, publications, product development and service to the community both locally and internationally. This feeds into SDG 7, Affordable and Clean Energy and SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

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• Electives at Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
The School of Engineering at Sunway University offers a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with electives focused on Environment and Climate Change. The demand for chemical engineers is increasing as sustainability continues taking its rightful spot at the forefront. Meeting the demand for sustainable practices in construction such as responsibly sourcing construction material through natural or renewable resources becomes crucial. This program prepares Students to tackle issues from an important environmental perspective.

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Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours
Electives at Bachelor of Chemical Engineering



• Research Conference - 1st International Conference on Advanced Materials & Sustainable Energy Technologies 2023
The Centre aims to enhance the knowledge of professionals, researchers, and scholars in basic and applied energy materials research by integrating emerging scientific concepts in energy storage and sustainable energy technologies. In particular, it is focused on providing reliable global solutions for ensuring access to affordable and clean energy.

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1st International Conference on Advanced Materials & Sustainable Energy Technologies 2023
Environmental Sustainability

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