Research Overview

Research Overview



The Centre for English Language Studies is engaged in research into language learning assessment, English for specific purposes, ASEAN language policies impacting practice, blended learning, endangered languages and reflective teaching and learning.


Language learning assessment

  1. Formative and summative approaches towards assessment
  2. Learner’s and teacher’s perceptions of assessment
  3. Self-assessment and peer assessment


English for specific purposes

  1. Approaches and tasks towards learning English
  2. Industry needs and curriculum


ASEAN language policies impacting practice

  1. Malaysian ELT curriculum
  2. Relationships between language, culture and communication
  3. Teacher education, native speakerism and plurilingualism


Blended learning

  1. Digital literacy and language development
  2. Integrating technology and pedagogy
  3. Lifelong learning


Endangered languages

  1. Bornean minority languages and communities
  2. Orthography development


Reflective teaching and learning

  1. Communities of practice
  2. Reflective facilitation
  3. Neurolinguistics and pedagogy