Why Study Here

Why Study Here

The Centre for English Language Studies (CELS) is dedicated to supporting the development of English language fluency and accuracy for students at Sunway College and Sunway University. CELS offers two sections: the Intensive English Programme (IEP) and the English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) unit. The IEP is a full-time course that equips students with the necessary language skills for college or university-level programs taught in English. The ESAP unit provides specialized English language subjects integrated into various diplomas and degrees. CELS empowers learners with international English proficiency for further study and globalized professions, while the Academic Language Learning service provides support for academic writing.

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Intensive English Programme for Effective Study Preparation

Be fully prepared for your academic journey with our Intensive English Programme. Benefit from small hi-tech classes and personalized attention, ensuring a focused and effective language learning experience.

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State-of-the-Art Resources and Interactive Learning Environment

Experience modern language education with up-to-date resources and a state-of-the-art blended learning approach. Our classes incorporate smartboards, integrated online learning platforms, and interactive classroom response systems to make language learning both engaging and enjoyable.

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Personalized Learning with Sunway Multimedia Integrated Language Environment

Enjoy individualized language learning through the Sunway Multimedia Integrated Language Environment. This innovative platform enables tailored language development, catering to your specific needs and enhancing your overall learning outcomes.

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Supporting Academic Writing and Promoting Multilingual Skills

Enhance your academic writing skills with the support of our Academic Language Learning service, conveniently located in the Library. Our experienced and multilingual lecturers specialize in creating an enjoyable language learning environment, fostering not only language proficiency but also valuable multilingual skills.