ADTP Arts: Contemporary Music Using Audio Technology

About The Programme

Students interested in majors pertaining to contemporary music using audio technology will be registered under ADTP Arts

Contemporary Music Using Audio Technology aims to train versatile musicians and music producers. It is both a technical and creative major, providing students with solid music theory and academic knowledge.

This is ideal for students with strong interest in music, production, sound and audio technology. It is also open to individuals with no prior formal musical training who are passionate about pursuing a career in music.


Special Arrangement with School of Arts Available

Year 1 


MUSC 1014World Music4
MUSC 1024Music Theory and Musicianship4
MUSC 1034Audio Recording and Production4
MUSC 1044Applied Contemporary Musicianship 14
MOHE Proficiencies & General Education14
Total Credit Hours32
Year 2
MUSC 1044Music Theory and Musicianship 24
MUSC 1084Music Theory and Musicianship 34
MUSC 1064Recording Studio Techniques4
MUSC 1044Applied Contemporary Musicianship 24
MOHE Proficiencies & General Education16
Total Credit Hours32
General Education Requirements

Arts & Humanities


Behavioural & Social Sciences

ENGL 1023Film Appreciation ECON 2013Microeconomics
HIST 1033U.S. History since 1877 ECON 2023Macroeconomics
HIST 1023U.S. History to 1877 PSYC 1013Introduction to Psychology
HIST 3013Intellectual History to the Modern West POLS 2023American Government & Politics
PHIL 1013Introduction to Philosophy POLS 2014International Relations
RELS 1013Survey of World Religions POLS 3013Pacific Asia Today
RELS 3014World Mythology POLS 3024American Foreign Policy
THEA 1013Introduction to Theatre SOCY 1013Principles of Sociology
ARTD 1034History of Art & Design   

Science & Technology

 Health & Physical Education
BIOL 1013General Biology (Check with university) 
CHEM 1013Chemistry and Society HPEL 1013Health & Wellness
CSCI 1013Introduction to Computer Applications  
CSCP 1014Programming I   
PHYS 1014College Physics I