ADTP Science: Natural Sciences

The branch of study that deals with the observation, description, and prediction of natural phenomena. This would then be translated into applications that impact our daily lives. Majors in the natural sciencesinclude (in alphabetical order) but are not limited to the following:

  • Applied Science
  • Flight Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Forensic Science
  • Biomedical Science
  • Geophysics / Geology
  • Bioscience
  • Mathematics
  • Biotechnology
  • Meteorology
  • Clinical Science
  • Natural Science
  • Clinical Nutrition/Nutritionist
  • Science & Physics
  • Education
  • Sports Science
  • Environmental Science


Major Subjects

Year 1 (Freshman)


CodeNameCredit Hours
UNIL 1011University Life1
BIOL 1033Introduction to Cell Biology3
BIOL 1041Introduction to Cell Biology Laboratory1
CHEM 1033General Chemistry I3
CHEM 1041General Chemistry I Laboratory1
MATH 1034Calculus I4
STAT 2014Introduction to Statistics with SPSS Lab4
PHYS 2014 OR PHYS 1014Physics I (Physics Major) OR
College Physics I (Non Physics Major)
PHYS 2021 OR
PHYS 1021
Physics I Laboratory (Physics Major) OR
College Physics I Laboratory (Non Physics Major)
Proficiency, MU1 or General Education subjects12
Year 2 (Sophomore)

(Sophomore: Please refer to subject requirements for transfer university)

CodeNameCredit Hours
BIOT 1043Introduction to Biotechnology3
BIOT 1051Introduction to Biotechnology Laboratory1
BIOL 1053Evolution, Diversity and Ecology3
BIOL 1061Evolution, Diversity and Ecology Laboratory1
CHEM 1053General Chemistry II3
CHEM 1061General Chemistry II Laboratory1
PHYS 2034 OR PHYS 1034Physics II (Physics Major) OR
College Physics II (Non Physics Major)
PHYS 2041 OR
PHYS 1041
Physics II Laboratory (Physics Major) OR
College Physics II Laboratory (Non Physics Major)
CHEM 2013Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 2021Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1
Proficiency, MU1 or General Education subjects12
General Education Subjects
Arts & Humanities Behavioural & Social Sciences
ENGL 1023Film Appreciation ECON 2013Microeconomics
HIST 1033U.S. History since 1877 ECON 2023Macroeconomics
HIST 1023U.S. History to 1877 PSYC 1013Introduction to Psychology
HIST 3013Intellectual History to the Modern West POLS 2014International Relations
PHIL 1013Introduction to Philosophy POLS 2023American Government & Politics
RELS 1013Survey of World Religions POLS 3013Pacific Asia Today
RELS 3014World Mythology POLS 3024American Foreign Policy
THEA 1013Introduction to Theatre SOCY 1013Principles of Sociology
ARTD 1034History of Art & Design   
   Communication Literacy
Science & Technology COMM 1013Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
CSCI 1013Introduction to Computer Applications COMM 1023Introduction to Human Communication
PHYS 1014College Physics I COMM 2043Intercultural Communication
   Health & Physical Education
   (Check with university)
   HPEL 1013Health & Wellness


Universities accepted for transfer

United States
UniversityMajor *Country
Arizona State University - TempeBiological ScienceU.S.
Houston Community CollegeBiomedical ScienceU.S.
Iowa State UniversityBiochemistry, Chemistry, Dietetics, Food Sciences, MicrobiologyU.S.
Johns Hopkins UniversityBiomedicineU.S.
Kansas State UniversityKinesiology and Exercise ScienceU.S.
Michigan State UniversityHuman BiologyU.S.
North Carolina State University - RaleighBiochemistryU.S.
Ohio State University - ColumbusFood ScienceU.S.
Ohio University - AthensForensic ChemistryU.S.
Oregon State UniversityGeologyU.S.
Portland State UniversityPhysicsU.S.
Southern Illinois University CarbondaleMathematics, Geology and Earth Science, Pre-medicine/pre-medical sciences,U.S.
St. Cloud State UniversityBiomedical Science, Medical Laboratory ScienceU.S.
State University of New York at BuffaloBiomedical ScienceU.S.
State University of New York at PlattsburghClinical Nutrition/NutritionistU.S.
University of ArizonaGeologyU.S.
University of Central OklahomaBiomedical Science, Criminal Justice and Forensic Science, Forensic Science, Forensic Science and Biology, StatisticsU.S.
University of Hawaii at ManoaMeteorologyU.S.
University of MississippiPhysicsU.S.
University of Nebraska - LincolnNutritional Science, Veterinary Science and Biomedical ScienceU.S.
University of PittsburghPhysicsU.S.
University of Texas at AustinNatural ScienceU.S.
University of Twin CitiesEnvironmental Science, Food ScienceU.S.
University of Wisconsin - Eau ClaireMathematicsU.S.
University of Wisconsin - MadisonBiology, Food Science, Molecular BiologyU.S.
University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeMathematicsU.S.
University of WyomingPhysics and AstronomyU.S.
US Aviation AcademyAviation Flight ScienceU.S.
Western Michigan UniversityAviation Flight Science, Biological Science, Biomedical Science, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Pre dietetics, Science & PhysicsU.S.

*students are not limited to the options listed*

UniversityMajor *Country
Carleton University, OttawaNeuroscience and HealthCanada
College of San MateoBiologyCanada
Memorial University of NewfoundlandBiochemistry and Cell Biology, ScienceCanada
Simon Fraser UniversityCriminologyCanada
University of GuelphNeuroscienceCanada
University of SaskatchewanPhysiology and PharmacologyCanada
University of WaterlooMathematics, Biomedical Science, Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk ManagementCanada
York UniversityBiomedical Science, Global HealthCanada

*students are not limited to the options listed*

UniversityMajor *Country
La Trobe UniversityOccupational TherapyAustralia
Murdoch UniversityForensic Biology and ToxicologyAustralia
University of New South WalesAviation Flight ScienceAustralia

*students are not limited to the options listed*

UniversityMajor *Country
Malaysia University of Science and TechnologyBiotechnologyMalaysia
Monash University MalaysiaBiomedical ScienceMalaysia

*students are not limited to the options listed*