ADTP Science: Psychology

Psychology is the study of the way humans and animals interact and respond to their environment. The manner in which they do is called behavior.

Psychology combines humanities and science. Psychologists try to discover why certain people react to certain aspects of society and the world at large in a certain way, and from those reactions, they try to deduce something about the biology of our brains and the way the environment influences us. Sound complicated? It is, but it’s also a profoundly fascinating major. If you major in Psychology, you will look for the essence of why people are they are, from their personality type of their sexual orientation. Within this broad framework, Psychology majors focus on such features of the human mind as learning, cognition, intelligence, motivation, emotion, perception, personality, mental disorders, and the ways in which our individual preferences are inherited from our parents or shaped by our environment.

With a strong background in research and the scientific method, a Psychology major pursues a field of study that seeks to educate, communicate, and resolve many of the problems surrounding human behavior.


Major Subjects

Year 1 (Freshman)


CodeNameCredit Hours
UNIL 1011University Life1
PSYC 1013Introduction to Psychology3
MATH 1024 OR MATH 1013Pre-calculus (Sc.) OR
Finite Mathematics (Art)
STAT 2014Introduction to Statistics with SPSS Lab (Sc.)4
ENGL 2014Introduction to Critical and Creative Writing4
PSYC 1023Developmental Psychology3
PSYC 2033Research Methods in Psychology (new)3
Proficiency, MU1 or General Education subjects12
Year 2 (Sophomore)

(Sophomore: Please refer to subject requirements for transfer university)

CodeNameCredit Hours
MATH 1034Calculus 1 (Sc.)4
PSYC 2013Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 2023Social Psychology3
Proficiency, MU1 or General Education subjects12
General Education Subjects
Arts & Humanities Behavioural & Social Sciences
ENGL 1023Film Appreciation ECON 2013Microeconomics
HIST 1033U.S. History since 1877 ECON 2023Macroeconomics
HIST 1023U.S. History to 1877 POLS 2014International Relations
HIST 3013Intellectual History to the Modern West POLS 2023American Government & Politics
PHIL 1013Introduction to Philosophy POLS 3013Pacific Asia Today
RELS 1013Survey of World Religions POLS 3024American Foreign Policy
RELS 3014World Mythology   
THEA 1013Introduction to Theatre Communication Literacy
ARTD 1034History of Art & Design COMM 1013Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
   COMM 1023Introduction to Human Communication
Science & Technology COMM 2043Intercultural Communication
BIOL 1013General Biology   
CHEM 1013Chemistry & Society Health & Physical Education
CSCI 1013Introduction to Computer Applications (Check with university)
PHYS 1014College Physics I HPEL 1013Health & Wellness

Universities accepted for transfer

United States
UniversityMajor *Country
Iowa State UniversityPsychologyU.S.
Ohio State University - ColumbusPsychologyU.S.
Southern Illinois University CarbondalePsychologyU.S.
Texas Wesleyan UniversityPsychologyU.S.
University of Michigan - Ann ArborPsychologyU.S.
University of Minnesota Twin CitiesPsychologyU.S.
University of TampaPsychologyU.S.
University of Wisconsin - MadisonPsychologyU.S.
Western Michigan UniversityPsychologyU.S.
Wichita State UniversityPsychologyU.S.

*students are not limited to the options listed*

UniversityMajor *Country
Simon Fraser UniversityPsychologyCanada
University of AlbertaPsychologyCanada
University of GuelphPsychologyCanada

*students are not limited to the options listed*

UniversityMajor *Country
Minnesota State University MoorhedPsychologyAustralia
Queensland University of TechnologyPsychologyAustralia

*students are not limited to the options listed*

New Zealand
UniversityMajor *Country
Victoria University of WellingtonPsychologyNew Zealand

*students are not limited to the options listed*

UniversityMajor *Country
HELP University MalaysiaPsychologyMalaysia
International University of Malaya-WalesPsychologyMalaysia